Friday, April 28, 2006

War at The Bridge

I do have to admit that United will not be the EPL champion this season but I am very sure I don’t want Chelsea to get the point they need to win the championship against us. I don’t want to be watching the match and see the Chelsea players, manager and their fans celebrating after 90 minutes of play tomorrow. I don’t want us to be the witness of that.

Coming off that FA cup semi final match defeat against Liverpool last week, Chelsea will be concentrating on winning the match tomorrow to clinch the championship and what better way for them to assure their 2nd successive championship against United. Although Mourinho kept saying that tomorrow will just be another match for them but I know deep down inside him and with an ego as big as him, he wants to beat United and clinch the title right under Fergie’s nose. And trust me, it is not just Mourinho but the entire Blues squad and fans. It would be just rubbing salt to a wound if they win it tomorrow.

United will go to Stamford Bridge tomorrow with three mission. The first is to make sure Chelsea will not get that one point to clinch the title….in short, to win at Stamford Bridge. Second, for the pride of each and every single one who are connected to United…bragging right especially for us United fan and lastly, to remind Chelsea that we are still here and next season wouldn’t be as smooth of a ride as this season.

For me especially, it would be a great birthday present.

Viva La Catalonia

May 17th 2006. Stade de France, Paris. Arsenal V Barcelona. Thierry Henry against Ronaldinho. Two of the greatest footballer in modern times will be pitting their skills and will lead their team to the ultimate Holy Grail of European football. Last year Stevie G inspired his team to that incredible come back to win it for Liverpool against AC Milan….a match I didn’t watch because of a very personal reason (do I need to say why?). But come this 17th May, I am very sure I am gonna be among the millions who will be watching and enjoying, hopefully, a great game of football.

Barcelona will be going into the final as an overwhelming favourite and this is mainly caused by one man…..Ronaldinho. As poetically said by Sherie “He is one ugly motha but he is a damn good player” and trust me, coming from her that meant a lot. I also heard an interesting comment last night… “In modern football, there are 3 categories of footballer- great footballers, superstars and there is Ronaldinho”. I am not gonna argue with that. He performance for Barcelona since last season has never been less than spectacular. Week in week out he had been producing magic in the Nou Camp and all around the Primera Liga. I watched both the Barcelona-AC Milan semi final game and Ronaldinho just mesmerized everyone, even the players, with his skills, passing and coolness on the field. Somehow, I believe that we have not yet seen the best out of him and we might see that in Germany 2006. I am getting goose bumps just thinking of it.

With the elusive fourth spot in the EPL is looking rather bleak for the Gunners. The only chance for them to qualify for next season Champions’ League would be doing a “Liverpool”. Henry have yet to sign a new contract with Arsenal and everyone knows that he is stalling on the contract signing just to see if Arsenal can win the European Cup. If he ends up with the European Cup aloft his head in a couple of week time, he might still be a Gunner next season. If Ronaldinho end up checking his teeth with European Cup, Henry might probably be calling the Nou Camp as his new home next season. To be honest, that would be a perfect move for Henry and it is scary to think the combination and threat that Barca will have. Ronaldinho, Henry, Eto’o and Messi……. I don’t think anyone would bet for a nil-nil score with that kind of attacking in your team.

Anyways, we just have to wait until the summer for that usual “Is he staying, Is he going” question. For now, let’s just concentrate on the coming final in Paris. Personally, I would say Barca will win it. Arsenal may have dispatched Real Madrid and Juventus in route to the final but Barca is a totally different opposition altogether. Ronaldinho would want to end the season on a high before the World Cup and I think Eto’o would want to watch the World Cup at home with the European Cup medal around his neck. It has been a spectacular run for the Gunners but I just think they will succumb to Ronaldinho’s flair and brilliance with the predator Eto’o to open up the Gunners defence who so far have kept, 9…correct me if I am wrong, clean sheets. Lehman is in a spectacular form and totally justifying his selection as Germany’s no 1 and that last minute penalty save from Riquelme helped Arsenal to the final but Ronaldinho and co are a different opposition altogether.

Unlike Arsenal, Barca are not just depending on Ronaldinho to deliver for them. The have the likes of Eto’o for fire power, the hardworking French winger and apparently match winning goal scorer, Giuly and the apparent successor of Maradonna, Lionel Messi, to depend on. Without or by silencing Henry, Arsenal don’t really have anyone else to lead them or give them that extra magic. Arsenal had crumbled and torn apart as seen in the EPL when Henry is not playing. Again, they don’t really have a player in the same level as Ronaldinho…but then again, who is?

Well, we just have to wait till May 17th to know the new European Champion but we might see Henry in maroon and blue of Barca rather than the maroon and white of Arsenal next season.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


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Friday, April 21, 2006

My Pick for the Moment

Last weekend, I bought an album from a new artist, Corinne Bailey Rae. I read good review about her album and once I heard her song, I knew I just have to get her album. I just love her voice. A breath of fresh air in the music industry filled with Hip Hop with song’s like “ In Love with a Stripper” hogging the air waves. Don’t get me wrong, I am into this hip hop scene, but something different for the ears are always welcome. And this lady 's music is God 's prescription for anyone who wants something different.

When I saw her album last weekend at Rock Corner 1 Utama, I just had to ask Sherie to listen to it. I know she is not into R&B and Soul too much but maybe she would listen to this one. I have bad records for recommending songs to her, so I could see that she was a bit skeptical about it. She listened to it anyways……… by the end of it, we are listening to the cd in her car…hehehehe.

Some of you might be go “ Who the heck is that?” but I guess most of you might have heard her first and hit single, “ Put Your Records On” which is getting a lot of play on the air waves and on MTV. Why am I writing or attempting to review her album? Well, for a simple fact there is no United match this weekend and I have got nothing else to write about. But seriously, I just wanted to let people who have not listened to her yet or may not be interested, to give her music a chance.

Her music is a mixed of soul, jazz, classic R&B and maybe just a dash of pop in some songs. She has a smoky tone of voice that really reminds you of the great Lady Day. She delivers each songs with such ease and I really recommend her album for that nice alone time in your garden or balcony with a cool breeze sweeping over your face . Most of the songs in the album are slow and easy with a lot of acoustic guitar and keyboard/piano being the main musical instruments. I like most of the songs in the album but my personal picks would be:

1) Like A Star – I love her voice in this song. A certain cuteness and innocent in her delivery connects well with the lyric and concept of the song. A woman coming to terms with her feelings and love.

2) Put Your Records On – Her first single from the album and getting a lot of air plays on radio and MTV. A happy and fun tune that makes you wants to groove to the beat…chewah. A good song to get your chin up when you are feeling down.

3) Trouble Sleeping – My theme song I guess…hahahaha. It starts with this lazy singing voice that picks up during the chorus. Another tune that makes you want get you boogey down….a slow one I mean.

If you a big fan of the great Lady Day or into the music of Sade, Norah Jones or Joss Stone, it is a must buy. Also recommended for those who wants a good “bed” time album…….highly recommended.

P/S : Chelsea or Liverpool? I don’t really care who win that semi final as long as the team they meet in the Final, Boro or West Ham, beat them. If I have to choose, I would rather have West Ham in the final just because it would be good to see the old horse Sheringham. I don’t know if he is gonna be the oldest player to feature in the final but it would be unbelievable kan?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It Is The End

Another 3 points in the bag but Chelsea just needs one more point from a possible 9 to win the title. I guess that is the season for United. The only highlight before the season ends is the game against Champions-elect, Chelsea at The Bridge, and maybe we can put one over them. I just hope that match would not be the match we handed them the title. A win would at least give us the bragging right of doing a double on them and also the points gap would not be too great.

Well, we just have to wait for another season to wrestle the title back to Ole Trafford. Glory Glory United!!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Balik Kampung!!!!

Oooo balik kampung

Ooooo balik kampung

Ooooo balik kampung

Hati girang

Yeah…I am going back home…well, for a few days that is but I am so excited. I wish I can go back like every other weekend or at least once a month but it is just impossible to do that. Seeing my parents, my siblings, my family, my friends……my hometown. Laksa, ikan terubok tunok, ikan terubok masin, mee kolok, manok panggang jambatan gantung….slurp…slurp…can’t wait to just eat all that….hehehehe. I even told my mom in advance what I wanted her to cook for me. And for the record, my mom’s laksa and stuffed chicken are the best.

I am also excited because this time around, I am bringing along with me someone special in my life and hopefully will be a permanent fixture when I go back home. I am going to introduce her to a place I call home. A place I never thought I could ever leave until I met her. A place that might not be as good as KL but will always be the best place in the world for me. In a short period of time we are going to be there, I want her to go to places I go, eat food I eat, adore friends I adore and most importantly…love the family I love. I know she is nervous about it but somehow I just know she will just make my whole family love her…well, so far my parents approved and like her, my youngest sister is like her best friend now. Like she always say…what is not to like about her, and you know what, she is not exaggerating.

Well, Kuching might not be much for anyone else but to me, it is paradise. A place I always call home no matter where I am. And hopefully, I can make Sherie see and understand, despite of all the kekurangan in Kuching, I can’t stop talking about it to her…..hehehehe.

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Crash and Burn

The interview last Saturday, in my personal opinion, didn’t go well. I think I didn’t do enough to impress them. I was nervous and that showed when I was answering the questions asked. I was early…about ½ an hour early in fact. I looked presentable, I think, with tie and all. I even gave my best smile to each and every single employee I passed by especially the receptionist…. I don’t even think Sherie ever saw that smile before.

I have a gut feeling that I won’t be hearing from them after two weeks. I don’t think I would even consider myself if I was the interviewer. Well, maybe it is just not my rezeki there but at least being considered as a candidate is good enough….sounded cam one of the Oscar nominees who lost pulak.

Well, for now, I just have to keep on flipping the papers and looked for other opportunities…….and hopefully I will find something soon. Amin.

Monday, April 03, 2006

6 games, 7 points, 8 wins

6 games left, 7 points difference, 8 wins in a trot………and next week, Arsenal will come to Old Trafford to be our number 9 victim. 18 points adrift just 3 weeks ago with every single sports paper announcing Chelsea as the Premier league champion for a 2nd successive season, United is back in contention with their current winning streak coupled with a patchy spell from Chelsea which included the draw with Birmingham this weekend. Thank you Brucey and Brummies…..

Well, I had to miss the Bolton game last Saturday because I had a very important appointment……….. watching the Korean movie “My Girl and I” with Sherie and Noobs!!!! It was a good movie by the way….true to Korean movie genre…tear jerking and a real chick flick no ladies and their loving and “I would do anything for you including missing a United/Liverpool/Arsenal game” boyfriends should miss. To be honest, it was a good movie and I enjoyed it. I made up 1/3 of the male population in Cinema 12 at GSC KLCC. Yes, I was not around to feel the tension and frustration when Davis scored the opening goal. I also had to miss the impressive equalizing goal (as described by the paper today) by Saha and I also did not feel the relief and excitement when Van the Man scored that winning goal. No…. I miss all that but the main thing is we won and we are just 7 points behind Chelski.

Ok…let’s look at the mathematical side of United chances of catching up and maybe becoming EPL champion again. Both United and Chelski played 32 games with 6 more games left before the end of the season which means there are a maximum of 18 points left at stake. The maximum point United can accumulate, that is if they win all six games, are 90 points. Chelski just need 12 more points from a possible 18 to be the champion again with 91 points.

So, can United do it? Well, Chelski have two tricky fixtures with Bolton and Blackburn to look forward to other than that massive game against United in May. With both teams are still pushing for that elusive 4th spot, it will not be easy for Chelski. Other than the help of other teams to catch Chelski, United also need to maintain their good run and form to collect the maximum points to do the unthinkable maybe a month ago…become the champion of England again.

I would still salute United effort even if they fail to stop Chelski from becoming champion again because United have given Chelski a run for their roubles. The form United showed in the past two months have actually made everyone in football realized that United is still one of the best team in England and Europe. Everyone had elected Chelski as champion way back in February and practically written off any challenge from any team. Now, United have a realistic chance to become champion again after two seasons of disappointment. The shocked and disappointment of their early elimination from the Champions’ League may have an impact on their current form in the league. The players are hitting form at the same time with the likes of Saha banging in goals for United week in week out, Giggs and O’Shea are playing well in the middle of the field while Vidic prove to be a good buy for United in defence.

But for now, Chelski still has one hand on the EPL championship but the grip is looking a little bit loose now. We just have to wait for next week massive game…against Arsenal. Beating them meaning we still a realistic and strong challenge for the league championship. With Arsenal are also in great form and still fighting for that 4th spot, it will be a highly contested match. But then again, it is Arsenal. It is always going to be a big game. But bear in mind, Arsenal have a very important mid week appointment with Juventus and that might give United a bit of an edge against their fierce rival. A 9th straight win would definitely put more pressure on Chelski and might crack under the pressure.

Another good week for all United fans… Des and Kaiser…. We might win more than just the Mickey Mouse Cup….Glory Glory United.

P/s: Ole is with us for another two more seasons and thank you for the excellent service Fortune have given us……