Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Cup, The Blues and The Break

Finally the other team from London have got something to celebrate. After 9 seasons of re-arranging their trophy cabinet to make it less boring, Spurs can now add the 2008 Mickey Mouse…ehh silap…Carling Cup into their collection. People like Shebby and my brother-in-law can smile a bit now…..hmmmm… and maybe sports outlets will finally sell Spurs jersey now. I should talk to my supplier about bringing it in too.

But to be fair, Spurs does look like a different team under Ramos. Spurs is playing attractive football and there is a sense of believe in the players that was lost under Jol before. Now they are chasing the UEFA Cup which Ramos had won 2 seasons in a row with Seville. The main thing for everyone connected with Spurs is to be patient and give Ramos time to develop. We might see Spurs in the fold in a couple of seasons. But bila fikir balik, didn’t they say Jol might be the saviour and make Spurs great again about 2-3 seasons ago and we know apa dah jadi ngan En Jol kan?

While Spurs is bathing in their glory and looking to brighter days ahead, the team they beat that day seems to be in trouble pulak. Off the pitch problems are appearing all over the papers….Kapitan Terry nak balun Ten Cate sampai orang kaya Chelski En Roman buat emergency meetings to clear straighten things up, Chelsea seems to be giving up on keeping 2 of their most important player in the shape of Lampard and Drogba (who I think may join Mourinho kat Barca…hmmmm) and their coach ponteng kelas and might not be their manager next season. Apparently, Rijkaard is rumoured tengah dipancing to be the new manager..Interesting. Aiyoo…. Apa dah jadi? Well...kena tunggu lah how do they react in this weekend game against West Ham. Yang pasti, Grant is very unhappy with the bad media reports surrounding his team for the past week.

But I think the talk of the week was the sickening Eduardo’s leg break. Masa game tu I was out with the missus and only watch the 2nd half of the game while we had our dinner kat Chilli’s 1U. I only knew about the leg break when I was already at home and checking the net for the game summary. It makes me cringe when I youtube the tackle. It reminds me of that Smith’s leg break a couple of seasons ago. For the faint hearted, mintak tolong jangan tengok the pix below.

What's the deal with Gallas when Birmingham was awarded the penalty. Cam budak kecik je...he was sulking and running all the way down the field. I mean, if you are upset pun, you have to be professional lah matter how passionate you are or maybe it was the emotion seeing your team mate suffered a horrible injury..but don't lah sulk cam a 3 year old.

Well ok…now for my predictions for this week matches. Last week I got the Birmingham-Arsenal result spot on. Yang lain tu..well, at least I got some of the winners’ right…..So, my prediction this week:

Arsenal 3 Aston Villa 1
Birmingham City 1 Tottenham Hotspurs 1
Derby County 1 Sunderland 2
Fulham 0 Manchester Utd 3
Middlesbrough 2 Reading 0
Newcastle Utd 1 Blackburn Rovers 2
West Ham Utd 1 Chelsea 1
Manchester City 2 Wigan Athletic 0
Bolton Wanderers 2 Liverpool 2
Everton 2 Portsmouth 1

Last week result:

Birmingham City 2 (McFadden 28’,90’) Arsenal 2 ( Walcott 50’,55’)

Fulham 0 West Ham 1 (Solano 87’)

Liverpool 3 (Torres 28’,29’,61’) Middlesbrough 2 (Tuncay 9’; Downing 83’)

Portsmouth 1 (Defoe 69’-pen) Sunderland 0

Wigan Athletic 2 (Schaner 61’; Valencia ’85) Derby County 0

Newcastle Utd 1 (Faye 79’) Manchester Utd 5 (Rooney 25’,81’; Ronaldo 45’,56’; Saha 90’)

Reading 1 (Shorey 90’) Aston Villa 2 (Young 45’; Harewood 84')

Blackburn Rovers 4 (McCarty 25’-p,67’-p; Bentley ’71; Pedersen 90’) Bolton Wanderers 1 (Davies 50’)

Manchester City 0 Everton 2 (Yakubu 30’; Lescott 38’)