Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another one...

No Portugal. No Holland. It’s the cup specialist Germany against the perennial under achievers Spain. I am sure it will be a good game as I am sure a lot of your male colleagues will be taking half day leave or masuk lambat office. I still tak decide lagi if I am gonna stay up and watch the game but kalau tak tengok rasa cam tak sah pulak. I’ll decide later.

Who do I think will win? I just have this sneaky feeling that Spain is gonna add to the 1964 European Championship. They cruise through the championship so far and were fantastic in the semi against Russia. Although David Villa is out due to injury but Spain have players who can certainly step up and make a difference in the game just like Fabregas who came on for Villa and inspired the semi win against Russia. And don't forget, they still have Torres upfront and we know what this boy can do. Germany might be without Ballack tonight and that might cost them. He was excellent in the semi and had been an inspired leader on the field. I can’t really see anyone else taking over his place if he really does not play. For Spain for me but if you are a betting man, just choose the opposite. You know what I did to Portugal and Holland.

The Ronaldo transfer saga is still not over. Nobody knows whether he will be wearing a red or white jersey come August. Latest news, he will be back for pre-season training but maybe just to pack his things before leaving for Madrid. Like everyone else, we just have to wait. Do I want him to stay or go? He is an out of this world player and to loose him would be a blow to United. He is still a young player and still developing and it would be a shame if United can’t hold on to him but I am always a firm believer that a club is always bigger than a player. If he wants to go and believes he belong to another team, let him go. We don’t need players who don’t want to be part of the team. We need players who go out on the field and play their hearts for us. If Madrid wants him for ₤80m, sell him and just imagine the players we can buy to make the squad stronger.

The futsal tournament kat office came to its conclusion this week. Our team made it to the QF but because we came 2nd in the group stages, we had to meet Finace Team A (Turkey) and we lost 1-0. Turkey ends up as the champion beating France (Customer Service) 2-0. So, now all of us have to work till 6 and no more lepaking at Townhall and makan free popcorn and drinks….hmmm…it is gonna be hard. Oooo….France’s cheerleading team won the Cheerleading competition and to be honest, there was no contest. If you have 3 gorgeous fe”male” who can shake their booties like there is no tomorrow, you are bound for greatness.

There are so many movies coming out thick and fast that I and the missus missed some of them. We have not watch Narnia, Hulk, Get Smart and Wanted….and there is more to come. We just need to come out with a plan and of course a budget (since the fuel price is really hitting me hard) to catch the movies….some movies are meant to watch in a cineplex u know. Hmmmm… but I do have to make sure I’ll get Wanted dvd though. Don’t ask me why ok…’s Jolie ok.

Music…hmmmm…still listening to the same materials since the last update. Anyone who cares to read my blog checked them out? What do u guys think? Ok…now I nak suggest a couple more. Adele if you like Duffy or Amy Winehouse….and Augustana new album Can’t Love Can’t Hurt. Do check them out…. I would not have suggested you guys to listen to them if they are no good right?? Ermmm….they are good you know..try listening to it dulu lah ye.

Well…I think that’s it for now. No bad eh….2 posts in a month….horaayyyy!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


I really wanted to write about Euro’08 that is currently in the last group matches but I am so malas. Maybe because England is not involved…..oh well, malas is the main reason.

But if I have to choose the two teams that will battling it out in the finals, base on current form, I would say Portugal and Holland. Portugal with Ronaldo is looking dangerous and with the soon to be Chelski manager Scolari, they do have a manager that knows how to win but Holland is looking like a different class when they beat Italy and France convincingly. For a neutral like me, that would be a mouth watering clash. But Spain is definitely with a chance but they do have to meet Holland in the semi. David Villa is scoring for fun and increasing his salary demand with every goal he scored.

Exciting times at the office now. We are having our own version of Euro at the office…..a futsal competition. There are 16 teams consisting of all the departments in the company and the team names are..well, base on the nations competing in Euro’08. And yours truly is in team Poland…and unlike the real Poland team, we are through to the quarterfinal after 2 wins in 2 matches. We have a top of the group decider this Thursday against Croatia but a draw would be good enough for us to emerge as group champion. As you can see, I am excited about the whole thing..something to look forward to when you are starting to get a bit mengantuk petang-petang at work.

What else ya….hmmm…oh yeah, I am currently listening to Ingrid Michaelson (Girls and Boys), The National(Boxer) and A Fine Frenzy (One Cell in The Sea) and I am just loving the music they are making. The kind of songs that you can listen to when you are caught in a jam to calm you down or with a good book on a breezy day on a lazy Sunday. The vocals are amazing and the lyrics are beautiful. If you are tired of Flo-Rida, Timbaland, Mariah Carey and maybe One Republic…maybe you should try giving these 3 a try.

My current tv addiction….Chuck. Why? Because the nerds are the heroes!!! But seriously, it is a good show. Zach Levi and Joshua Gomez are funny and Yvonne Strahovski makes me wish all the country’s secrets are downloaded into my brain and they have to send an agent to protect me. And that is before the missus deleted all the secrets and kicks the agent’s arse.

Well, that’s all for now….ahhhh. Finally, an update. Hopefully the next one will be much sooner.

p/s: Was planning to attach some pixs to make the posting nampak cantik...but MALAS!!!