Thursday, August 23, 2007


3 games, 2 points, 1 goal…….

Nak panic pun buat apa kan? We got 35 more games to go and 9 more months. Ni baru je opening weekend…..disappointed, terkilan, sedih…semua tu ada. Tipulah kalau tak kan…but panic? Like I said tadi, nak panic apasal?

Teruk jugak lah nak kena layan all the trash talk and the kutuking from all the communication sources available to mankind….yang berani tahap Gaban cakap face to face, yang berani sikit cakap on the phone, yang cuak guna sms or email. Well, itulah risk nya when supporting pasukan bola sepak paling terer dalam dunia ni….even a draw pun orang lain sibuk cos susah pasukan bola sepak paling terer dalam dunia ni nak get bad results. So, for the time being…jadi a good sport and terima segala cemuhan dan kutukan itu. Ni baru August.

To be honest, of course lah nak tengok United on top of the league instead of City. But bukan nya United playing horribly…just like all the papers and websites are saying, we are a bit light upfront with 3 strikers out injured. Tevez is doing well considering the short time he have been with the team but he still needs time to adjust. Hopefully, he will adjust faster…we need him now. All the chances that were created in the past 3 games would definitely end up in the net if Saha, Ole or Roon were playing,. Agree tak Des…UBA? Heard United might be in for Anelka or Martins before the transfer market close. If we do buy Martins…hmmm…wouldn’t he be the same type of player like Roon or Tevez? Well, Fergie knows best….we trust his decision.

Hagreaves impressed me. He cam kena rasuk in that derby game….run away man of the match for me in that game. Hmmm….still tak tau what Anderson is all about…tak sabar nak tengok this boy play. Without him pun the midfield look impressive already with Nani, Scholes, Carrick and of course Hagreaves.

The defence look solid. Heinze might be off to Madrid though….he is a good player but we don’t want a player who actually wants to play for Liverfool….no way. Please do leave….thanks for the memories.

All is good….2 points maybe…but still ada 105 points up for grabs kan? So…Spurs at Old Trafford this weekend. Of course a must win game for us….and for Jol. He might be out of White Hart Lane if Spurs kalah. Well, poor Jol better pack his things before he leave for Manchester……tak payah lah sibuk nak balk office lepas kalah….kan? Kan? Kan?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Promised............

The past 2 days, I tba-tiba rasa cam sedih. Cam rasa empty je this little heart of mine. Terasa pelik and wonder jugak lah cos baru last week happy je. Nak kata I miss my family tak pulak cos I just talked to them on the weekend. Nak blame it on the draw ngan Reading last Sunday, tak make sense pulak cos I got over it (trying very hard) the next day. And further more, Tuesday is my futsal nite so selalu nya excited giler lah but somehow cam takde mood and was playing half heartedly je. I didn’t enjoy the game at all. But I did a good sweat out of it though.

That feeling continued today and it made me worried. I finally got to sit down and try to figure out what is wrong after I came back from lunch today. I took a quick lunch and I got the whole office to myself as the others tak balik lagi. It was a good thinking session as I figured out the reason for the sadness and emptiness I am feeling.

I am sad because I know you are sad. I am upset because I know you are upset. It happened every single month since we got married. You might not cry now but I can hear it in your voice how sad and disappointed you are. I can see in your eyes that wanting and longing feeling every single time you hold your nephew and niece. I know how you wish it is your own son or daughter you’re holding and cuddling, not someone else. I know, sad it is for me to say, you somehow feel that I don’t really care or even bother if we ever be blessed with a child of our own.

I do care. I want a child of my own too. I am sad and disappointed too when you told me that you’re having your period but I chose to not show it because I know I kena be strong for you. It saddens me because I tak boleh do anything much to make you feel better other than saying “We will try again. Insya Allah, kalau rezeki, it will come.” It saddens me for letting you wait for another month to know if we succeed. It saddens me because I failed once again to give you what you want badly….we want badly.

I promised you that I will make you happy for the rest of your life and that is a promise I intend to keep. We are in these together ok? I promise I do whatever you want me to do to make it work. Drink more soya bean? I buy Jenny Hong’s soya bean every day. Eat more taugeh? I eat everything with taugeh...taugeh is a must in my meals now. Drink less ice water? I drink hot water only..even after futsal. Just tell me, and I do it. More sex? Well, by all means, more sex it is then.

And yang, no matter what happens, I always love you.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another Week...........

I got about half an hour before the game start so I thought nak update the blog. It has been a good week for, let me just ceritera sikit la ye….

It all started with…

Another one for the Trophy Cabinet….a lot more tempat lagi reserved for a few others coming by May.

Another Lamp – oon, and he is holding back his contract nego? Not a good idea now kan En. Lamp-oon?

Well, we finaly got him. Hope he is worth all the hassle. He looked his all that 2nd half of the season for The Hammers.

Yellow Fellow gave me a call and hired me………Fuyooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!! To all yang doakan and wished me luck, terima kasih banyak-banyak ye!!!!

And I tendered my resignation and akhirnya I am saying goodbye to that devil’s reincarnation of a boss. I just wish I can read apalah dalam kepala hotak dia when I told her I’m leaving cos she acted so cool. I really wanted her to suffer….deep down inside I rasa she is. Hmmm….that though alone makes me feel so gumbira.



p/s: Planning to watch go watch some of the Champions Youth Cup once dia orang main kat KL…anyone interested?