Friday, March 31, 2006

Sex and Sports

“The problem is, they don’t eat, they don’t sleep, they smoke and they drink. That is the problem. Sex? No, sex is always very good – always welcome”.

Those are the words of the current Brazil team coach, Carlos Alberto Parreira. Well, I guess Ronaldinho and Ronaldo are gonna be smiling, not that we know the difference anyway, in Germany. Unlike in the previous World Cup, the Brazil ex-coach, Scolari banned the players from having sex during the World Cup and that worked for them…they won it for a record 5th time. We just have to wait if the “have sex all you want” for the 2006 Brazil World Cup team will help them lift the cup for a record 6th time come this summer. Scolari is now coaching Portugal, so Christiano Ronaldo and gang can look forward to a “dry” summer in Germany I guess…unless they win the World Cup, I don’t think they mind.

What do u guys and gals think? Would sex actually influence the performance of a sportsman or sportswoman?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Edge

I have an interview to attend this Saturday. I am no stranger to interviews but somehow, I am nervous about this one. Sherie’s theory…. I am nervous about it because I really want this job badly. And come to think of it, I do want that job…badly.

There are a lot of benefits if I am to be part of that company. First, it is only about 10 minutes away from where I live now. I can even see it from my apartment. It is that near. And because of the location of the place, comes the 2nd benefit… monthly budget for petrol would also decrease significantly. I can even buy a bicycle to ride from my apartment to the office. This will lead to the 3rd benefit….by riding a bike to the office every day, I am actually exercising and there is no need to worry I would exercise less after leaving my current work place. And the best part is, it is a company managing a shopping kan?

I can go on and on about the benefits IF I get the job but I know before any of that happens, I need to make sure that I impress the interviewers that day. Sherie have helped me a lot in digging information about the company. A few friends also helped and gave me invaluable information and hopefully it will help me to gain that extra yard against the other candidates.

I still remember my worst ever interview session. It was about 6 or 7 years ago. The interview was with a government agency back in Kuching. I entered the interview room and I was taken aback when I saw 5 people surrounding a lone chair in the middle. I had attended a few other interviews before but damn….5 important looking people surrounding you was kinda intimidating. Maybe that was the purpose they did the interview in such a style….and they succeeded in their attempt. I couldn’t answer any of the questions. I looked like a fool. I was asked the name of the Agricultural Minister…and I just answered I don’t know. I was asked who was the Chairman of board…..and I answered I don’t know. Basically, every single question that was asked…my answer would be I don’t know. It was the longest and humiliating 5 minutes interview I ever attended. Seeing those men chuckling at me and looking at me as if I was retarded….. Well, it is just something I just don’t want to repeat ever again.

I just hope that with all the help I got, I will nail this interview. But there are a few things that are playing in my head. Such as :

1. Would I get a better chance if the interviewer is from an opposite sex or maybe from the same sex but kinda leaning to the other side..u know what I mean?

2. Would they even consider me if the last candidate looks like Jessica Alba or Brad Pitt?

3. Would the interview be a formality when in actual fact they have already someone in mind (such as a family friend, anak sedara ke, kazen ke…u know the drill)?

4. Would my not so young age be a factor?

5. Would they choose me if another candidate is a 1st class degree holder?

6. Would the fact that I have not been doing accounts for the past 8 months be a factor?

So what can I do to add that extra edge over the candidates? What would make me stand out and get the job? What would make me a better asset to a company managing a shopping mall? For those who had done interviews before, tell me, what do u look for in a candidate? What made u choose them over the others?

P/s: Van the Man back in the starting line up and scored again for us against West Ham…… 7 wins in a trot. Glory Glory United

Friday, March 24, 2006


I am physically and mentally tired right now and it has been quite sometime since I am happy that it is Friday and the weekend is just around the corner. Working your arse off from 9 am to 9 pm is not fun. The target was set early in the month with an unbelievable pressure to achieve it. We have about 7 more days to go before the end of the month and so far we have only achieved 70% of the target. I don’t know if the team can actually pull off a miracle in the next 7 days but I know each and everyone of us are trying the best they could to reach the goal. I just hope the bosses see that, but to be honest, is there such a perfect boss? If you know one, please do introduce me to him/her?

For the past week, I have been rambling about work, the dream job I wish I am doing and also about not liking (again, hate is too strong) my job and wishing that I can find a job I would be satisfied with. I think working long hours trying to fulfill the unbelievable and out of reach targets may have caused it. Well, to be honest, anyone would be stress and crazy after working continuously like that. It just seems like my weekdays just flies by. By the time I get home, I am too tired to do anything, even to take a bath. With another complication at the apartment for the past 2 weeks, which I thank Allah SWT and the helping hand from a good friend and his family had been finally rectified last Tuesday, it has been quite a stressing and hard month for me. What is the complication you might ask, well, let just say I was in the dark about it.

I just hope for the next month to be a better month for us. It would be a better month already if we don’t have to work from 9 to 9 again. As to date, I still don’t know if my team and I have to do it again next month. I am sure each and every one of us are hoping we don’t have to. To be honest, I think it has been harder for some of them. A lady who had just started working this month, just moved to KL to be with her hubby who she married only 7 months ago. A lady who is married with 2 kids and when she goes home, she can only hope her two children are still awake for them to at least take a glimpse of the mother. Come to think of it, they got it worst than me.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. No plans yet except visiting Sherie’s friend who just gave birth and staying in Putrajaya during her confinement on Sunday. That is something I am kinda looking forward to. Seeing Aida’s baby girl and also going to Putrajaya for the first time ever. If that does not happen, I guess have fun with Dick and Jane or learn how to marry a millionaire with Marilyn Monroe.

So a good weekend to all of you…. Safe journey to those driving back to their hometown (how I wish I can do that every other week too) and enjoy your party, wedding, movie or just being a couch potato this weekend. And not forgetting, to all fellow Red Devils, another win hopefully against another team under an Old Trafford old boy. Steve Bruce and Birmingham coming to town after that humiliating 7-0 mid week FA Cup defeat against Liverpool. Chelsea not playing this week, so hopefully we can take the chance at home to close the gaps and put pressure on Chelsea.

Monday, March 20, 2006

RED HOT, cold blues!!!!!

3.45 am. Monday morning. Eyes closed. Woke up cos needed to pee. Walked to the toilet….eyes still closed….navigating in the dark. Switched on the lights … argghh …my eyes…my eyes. Walk slowly into the toilet….took out the eyes a bit... looked at the aim….Ahhh……that feels good…what a relief. Walked back into the room and to my ever soft (I wish) and inviting mattress. Lied down on the mattress…Took the hand phone. Eyes now opened slightly. Menu….Connectivity…Maxis Easy Access….News& Sports….Sports News…Soccer…Send.

A few seconds later…. Click ….. sms received…..Read Now......reading the sms……eyes now wide opened….reading the sms again…and again. The sms reads…..End of Match Result: FUL 1 CHE 0. In the dark…pumped hands in the air….smiled….went to bed….still smiling.

Yeah…Chelsea lost to Fulham 1-0. With that lost, United is now only 12 points behind Chelsea with a game in hand and with only about 9 games before the season ends. If United win that game in hand, 9 points would be separating the two teams. With the match at Stamford Bridge looming and maybe a few more hiccups along the way for Chelsea before the match, maybe…maybe….it would be a title deciding match nobody would have thought could happen at the turn of the year.

United performances and luck of late have help pretty much securing the 2nd spot and easing the pressure from Liverpool. In the last three premiership games, United have to admit that they were lucky to secure the 3 points in two games. United especially Rooney were in pulsating mood against Newcastle and should have scored more than the 2 goals margin in that game but United were thanking their lucky stars in the game against Wigan, with a Chimbonda late own goal, two weeks ago and a string of beautiful and world class save from Van Der Saar in the game against WBA this weekend. The main thing, 3 points are in the bag and all of us, including Fergie, would be happy to take it.

And for the past 4 games, Van the Man has been warming the bench for United with Saha and Rooney leading the attack. They have scored 7 goals between them in the past 4 games and the gloomy looking Nistelrooy wondering if he would get a chance to start another game for United. Also something nobody expected at the turn of the year seeing United top scorer struggling to get into the first eleven. As per Des comment, maybe Saha give United a little bit of pace and unpredictable style of play gives United more option in the attack rather than Nistelrooy. And so far, Fergie’s gamble has produced the goals and the results United needed to keep alive their challenge for the title.

Can United overhaul Chelsea for the title? Would Nistelrooy get his starting place back or the rumors of him leaving at the end of the season to Real Madrid is true? 9 more games, 2 more months and by then, we would know who will the ONE to win the title. Don’t ask me who I want to be the number one in England comes this May. If anyone asked me the same question 3 months ago, my answer would be the same but I would be accuse of being a dreamer, unrealistic or getting people laughing at my face but I doubt that would happen now. I might get even a few nods of agreement. For the time being, let the Blues be blue for a bit more, maybe another 3-4 games, and The Red Devils would be red red hot…….Glory Glory United

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Angel of Mine

He had been waiting patiently for the past half an hour. It is not like her to be late. Where is she? Is she ok? Is she sick? Arghhh… he needs to know but how. He can only wait and just make his own assumptions.But…but…she is never late. It is her routine every single day. She never misses it. And because of that routine, he saw her on that fateful day. Since that day, he too had never miss waiting for her just to catch a glimpse of his angel.

He still remembers the day he first saw her. He had never been to that part of town before but the place looked quite posh. The houses were big and everything looked expensive. “I bet I can even sleep in one of these houses’ toilet,” he thought to himself and what a privilege it would be for him. So he decided to just check the place out. Maybe he can find new delicacies….no harm in trying it out. “It’s almost dinner anyways.”
Just as he was about to take his first step, something caught his sight. He stopped. Is he dreaming or hallucinating? He closed his eyes just to make sure. He opened his eyes expecting what he saw would be gone but……her hair, her eyes, everything about her. He had never seen anything as beautiful as her. Not even close. He just stood there admiring her. He just can’t take his eyes from her. She was just breath taking. Did he died and went to heaven because he swore that she is an angel.

It has been about a month since that day and now he is still here, waiting for his angel. A month of waking up every single morning looking forward to the time he would see her. A month of admiring his angel from far and wishing she would just notice his present. A month of wishing he could be nearer to her and telling her what she meant to him…to tell her she has been the sole reason of his existence on this earth. The only thing on his mind since that day is her. He notice every single thing about her…..if she is happy, if she is sad, if she is angry, if she is moody….and all of this from watching her from far.

All of his friends are saying he is crazy. “You are a stalker…a lunatic psychotic stalker. They kill you if they catch you”…..” stop dreaming dude. A gal like that would never go for someone like you…hahahaha…just look at yourself”….well, those are just a few of the things he hears every single day. But he never let that stop him from doing his routine….to just watch her…admiring her….wanting her…maybe noticing him.

But he knows...he sadly knows his friends are just telling him the truth. He just chooses to ignore it. He knows that she would never be his. Never in a thousand years. They are so far apart from each other. She is the beauty and he is the beast. She lives in a house fit for a princess while he is just thankful he got a roof on top of him every single night. She eats all the best money can buy while he scraps for anything that keeps him from dying of starvation. What can he offer her when everything that anyone could ever want is presented to her on golden platters? What else can he offer?

He tried to stop. He tried to not go. He really did tried but he just can’t. He would feel restless. He would come up with reasons just to make sure he is there. He is addicted to her. He just needs to get a dose of her every single. He just needs to know if she is all right. Is she happy or sad today? “Maybe she would notice me today…maybe she would smile at me today? I just need to go,” he thought. He swore that she was looking at him one day. “Oh no..oh no. What should I do now?” he thought. She was actually slowly making her way to him but suddenly she stopped. And then she turned back. She was just picking a paper that flew away. He was a relief man but at the same he was disappointed because he thought at last, he was going to get his chance to actually be near to her.

Suddenly he heard a sound he recognizes. “Kring….Kring!!!” and how that sounds like beautiful music to his ears. She’s coming out…..she coming out and a smile slowly appears on his face. And there she is…with her perfect hair, beautiful blue eyes, elegant self….his angel on earth. “She’s ok. She is all right,” he thought happily. She just gets even prettier with every single day. He just wonders how she does that and he looks down at himself. He can’t even remember if his hair had ever been combed before. Well, come to think of it, he doesn’t even know if he ever had a proper bath before. Unless getting wet by the rain counted as having a bath. Well, he still feels fresh and clean after that anyway so let’s just count that as having a bath.

Suddenly he realizes something odd. She is alone. She is actually alone. Someone has always accompanied her but today there is no one in sight. That has never happen before. A thought pop in his head…”This is my chance to say hello…to talk to her”. But what would he say, just say hi and then what? Just keep quiet with a stupid smile on his face? That would be a great first impression wouldn’t it? Look stupid and geeky? Geee…she would never forget me after that. “Darn it….think before the chance just disappears….arghhh…. I think of what to say later”.

With that thought, he run across the road and jumps over the fence. Nothing is gonna stop him now and he had only one goal. Confess his love to his angel. To make her realize that he exists in this world. She was just a few yards away and he slow down. He could see her facial impression change. She looks scared. “Don’t be scare”, he thought. “I am not gonna hurt you, I just want to make you see that I am the one for you”. Suddenly out of nowhere, a bucket of water is being thrown at him. He jumps to avoid it but he was reacting too slowly.

“Kucing kurap ni dah berani nak masuk kat dalam rumah ni!!!!” a voice boomed. He knows that is the cue for him to run. He could hear footsteps behind him and he knew that if he doesn’t run faster, he would not just be wet but much worst. Why didn’t he hear Angel’s owner coming? He was being careless and lost his concentration. “Angel….nasib baik Mama tak tinggal kan Angel lama..kalau tak…ish….jaga kau!!!”

As he jumps over the fence, he knows he is safe now but he didn’t stop running….and he had a smile on his face. “ At least now she realize of my existence now…the kucing kurap who is in love with a Persian cat name Angel”.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I wake up every morning to a job I that I don't like(hate is too strong). I wake up every morning to a job I don't have a passion for. I wake up every morning to a job I don't look forward to go to. I wake up every morning knowing by the end of the day, I will not be satisfied with what I have done for the day. I wake up every morning knowing that when I sleep tonite, with a thought in my head still wishing to find that self satisfaction and passion in my career.

I envy those people who had found that satisfaction and that passion. Filling their days doing what they love. Waking up and looking forward to a day of fulfillments and satisfaction rather than wishing they are in bed still. Knowing in the end, they can look back at their life and say ..."I live my life"....I don't think a lot of us can say that. I surely can't....for now though.

I know for sure that I don't want to go on with the rest of my life doing what I am doing now. I know for sure that this is not the path that I want to lead and end with. I know for sure I want something else...something more. But to change and have that, I need to actually start from scratch. Am I brave enough, at this stage of my life, to do that? To start all over again?

I am just assuming but I bet a lot of u out there feel the same way. Wanting something more in life than what we do every day. We work for the sake of the salary that we get at the end of the month, which, within a day most probably 3/4 of it would be out of the window...paying bills, loans (car, personal, parents,friends) and that one really expensive dinner. And we do it all over again......a never ending story.

But would we say goodbye to that? We are stuck in a job we might not like because we can't afford to do anything else and risk it all. We need the money to live our life. We can't just simply take the risk to pursue something else. To look back inside yourself and finding what you truly want to do with your life? Would sitting inside your cubicle and balancing the account every month is your true calling? Closing a big account with one the biggest and important client ever for your company? It's one to decide one passion in life....

I want to be those people...those who can say that they life their live. Looking back to their life and not regretting the things that they have done in their life. But again, am I brave enough? At a stage where most people are stabilizing and strengthening their grips on life while I am still wishing I am doing something else? Should I just stop thinking about it and just do the best that I can with I have in life and hope that it will turn out better for me?

I am thankful that I do have a job to wake up to. Don't take me wrong. I am thankful but I don't think it is any harm in wanting something more for yourself? Striving for something better? And what is better? To be thankful and accepting what is infront of you or squeezing that orange for that extra juice? Hmmm....another orange juice posting eh...

I read an article a few months back about people and their careers..odd careers I must add. But all of them have one thing in common...waking up with a smile on their faces with their heart filled with joy and satisfaction in doing what they are doing. A banker who turn into a naturalist. A doctor who now teach people kayaking. Knowing they took a chance in their life and glad that they did because they are happier than before. No more miserable 9-6 job that pay them ciput kind of salaries...but a whatever time job with still maybe ciput kind of earnings but they are happier. No more looking at the watch wishing it is 6pm. It doesn't even matter if it is a Monday or a Friday.

Well, I have taken a chance in my life recently...and it turn out to be the best one I have even taken. Sherie is the proof...maybe I should take another one. Yeah... maybe I should.

Just to make things clear.... I want to be happy with my job...and at the same time earn big money....huge sum of money.. capish? That would make me even happier....well, just about anyone would kan?

Friday, March 03, 2006

If Only................

What would I be doing for a living if I was given a chance to change it? Make a wish at night before sleeping and waking up the next morning doing something totally different. To be able to do something you always wanted to do and well, have a jolly good time doing it.

Ok, let's just say I am actually given that chance. Just like the time when we were asked to fill up the UPU form to pick our chosen courses….5 choices right, if I am not mistaken. Trust me, it has been such a long long time ago so forgive me if got it wrong. Let’s have some fun won’t we.

A Jazz singer / Crooner

Well, I know. Why not a pop singer or a rocker? Well, there are a few reasons but the main reason is because I just love jazz, swing, classic evergreen….Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday, Bing Crosby….all those great singers singing beautiful and melodic songs. Songs that make you feel relaxed and calmed...with beautiful lyrics. Hmmm…to be able to sing songs that u can really connect with and feel…

A professional footballer in the EPL.

Do I have to explain? Isn’t it obvious that I would have loved to do this kan? ermm... does anyone need to ask which team I want to play? Anyone?

A Scenic/Artistic Photographer

I love beautiful things and to be able to capture the beauty created by Allah S.W.T. and share it with the people who actually care to absorb and understand it. To capture and preserve it… be honest, we seldom stop and wonder the beautiful creation Allah S.W.T. has blessed upon us.

A Writer

I don’t care what I write, as long as I can make money just like Dan Brown or even J.K. Rowling……I WANT!!!!!! But seriously, to be able to share stories with people and maybe to inspire them to greatness and maybe help them through the hard times……can u ask for anything better…..well, other getting a gazillions dollars sitting in your country house and not worrying about rush hour traffic, reports…..

Bruce Wayne/Batman

Why? Cannot meh? My fantasy I punya suka lah kan…hahahahaha. Filthy rich, good looking and have cool cars by day. Dark, mysterious and still with a cool car by night. Can any man asked for anything more? With Catwoman wanting to do you while other hotties waiting in line……just beautiful…..maybe I should put this top on my list….

Well…that’s my list…urs???

Thursday, March 02, 2006

For You Smudge

“FOR YOU SMUDGE”. That was the words printed on the t-shirt worn by all the United players after thrashing Wigan for the biggest ever margin win in the Carling League Cup Final last night. It was a tribute to Alan Smith, who last week was involved in a horrendous injury and have to be sidelined for up to a year. But after watching the way United played and won the Cup, I guess Smith would be smiling and celebrating like the other United players who were at The Millennium Stadium that night.

Yeah…yeah…I know, it is just the Carling Cup but hey, Liverpool or Arsenal might end up the season with nothing. It is better than going through another trophy less season. Although it may not hamper my support to United, but winning a trophy is always a good thing for any team. I mean, Chelsea won it last year right? Well, on to the review of the game now.

I miss the first 15 minutes of the game because I had to attend my company's party at TSB. Although the party had gone through until 3 am I heard, I made sure I was out of the place by 10.45pm. And to make sure that I do leave, I asked Sherie to send and pick me up. I knew that if I were to drive myself, I would have missed the game. Definitely was not gonna miss the only Cup final United are involved in this season.

When I arrived at the mamak, it was surprisingly full. I mean, if I was going to the mamak with a group of friends to watch the game it would have been hard for us to find a table. Luckily, I was alone and I found a seat just near the big screen but behind a group of guys. So I was trying very hard to watch the game behind one or two heads that ke pt blocking my view. I am not complaining. As long as I can watch the game, I am happy.

It was a surprised seeing Van the Man on the bench because I would have sacrificed Rooney rather than him. Rooney’s luck in front of the goal has not been outstanding coming to the match. 8-9 games without a goal so far if I am not mistaken. But I guess that is why I am a fan who writes about the game rather than managing the team. Fergie sixth sense and master class showed again when Rooney scored two goals and gave himself the first medal with United. A relief for a brilliant young player who said he last won a medal with his school under-12 side in Everton. I believe, he will win more with United and maybe with England this coming World Cup. Saha and Ronaldo completed the scoring for the biggest ever win margin in a League Cup final. Another record in the books for the Red Devils in a triumphant return to Cardiff after last season heart-breaking penalty loss to Arsenal.

Although, I am happy that we will not end the season empty handed like the last one, and bear in mind that one or two other big clubs might not even win anything this season, I do hope that United will still be in the running for the other major cups during the same time next season. The only fight United have in their hand right now is securing that 2nd automatic place in the Champions’ League next season. We are out of the FA Cup, The European Cup and Chelsea looked too damn good to be chased right now. It is kind of weird for a United fan to end their season this early. Luckily we do have to make sure that 2nd spot and that looks like the only highlight we have until next season.

The Mickey Mouse Cup it may be called but winning something is better nothing . We amay want to ask either Liverpool or Arsenal fans by the end of the season if they want our Mickey Mouse Cup to fill their cabinet this season.

Review :

Hero of The Match : All United players for wearing that “For You Smudge” t-shirt and Rooney for his two goals.

Zero of the Match : None I guess.

Moment of the Match:

Team Performance : Manchester United 8/10

Wigan Athletics 6/10

What If : Wigan won?

1. Another season without any trophies…NOOOO!!!!

2. Another season of hoping for a better season

3. Fergie replace maybe?

4. “Fairy Tale Season” will be the news for all major papers