Friday, February 24, 2006

C'mon Let's Work It Out!!!

I am working with a fitness centre in Desa Sri Hartamas. Most of you would know which one but I just feel a bit mysterious. As a staff, all of us have the privilege of using the club for free which I obviously took advantage of . I mean, people are actually paying RM100++ to be a member and use the facilities in the club while I can use it for free and also get some free advise from the Personal Trainers (PT) while other people might have to pay for their services. Lucky devil I am , don’t you agree?

Well, I have been going to the gym frequently for the past 3 months. I will go maybe about 4 times a week and I do have to say, I may not look like Malek Noor or Arnold Schwarzenegger yet but I do feel a bit of a difference especially in my middle area and also stamina wise. I mean before , walking up two flights of stairs was a heavy task. I would be out of breath and I am sure most of you know what I mean kan? Now I can actually play an hour of futsal without depending on any energy drink and trust me, I can go for another hour.

There are a lot of people I met at the gym and some of them really caught my eyes and do make me kinda wonder a bit about them. Let me just tell you about some of these people.

1. I saw a woman who is actually exercising wearing her make up. I was quite strange to me but I don’t know if other people feel the same. I mean, do u need make up to work out when you are supposed to sweat? I understand that without make up some woman don’t look that attractive but in a gym while sweating? What is the real purpose of actually coming to the gym?

2. While I was on the exercise bike, a woman who was about maybe in her late 30’s was in her full exercise clothing….a red t-shirt and a red tracksuit. She was with a friend who was riding on another exercise bike while she was just leaning against one bike. I was wondering why she is not on the bike and riding it too but then I suddenly realize she was actually wearing heels!!! What?? Heels in a gym?? But why? I thought, maybe she forgot her shoes but that is not possible right? Going to a gym with exercise clothes but ooopps….I forgot the shoes. She was at the gm for about 1 ½ hours and she left with her friend, without even breaking a sweat. I wonder what was the real reason she is there for.

3. While I was trying really hard to angkat the weight…and trust me, with all the power I have (15kg ok…berat tu) a guy who ha s just work ed with the abs machine was in front of me was looking at his abs….he wa s actually checking himself out in the mirror that is all around the gym. I mean, u just work ed out about 5 minutes ago on your abs and you are expecting you have a wash board abs???? He is not the only one because I saw a few others before doing the same thing…checking if the muscle on his arms maybe have increase 5 cm after carrying a weight of 5kg for about 5 times. I mean, would it make any difference after u work out for 5 minutes? Would u immediately look like Lou Ferrigno or Hulk Hogan…I just don’t get it. Or maybe he wants me to check him out? I don’t know…..

4. I have to be careful with what I see in the gym’s locker. I mean, if you are not careful, u might see a few naked Caucasian men in there. I mean, to them I may be nothing because they are well…u can say well hung but can we just cover them up. We don’t need to see them bouncing all over the place u know. and walking from the showers to the changing area naked is just not acceptable. I mean, why? We are all men except maybe…ermm….they are gay and want some attention to the well hung brothers???

5. A colleague and I always work out together and there is this one lady who caught our eyes. She is in her late 40’s maybe from how she looks lah. Not that she is sexy giler or anything but with all the gym equipment costing thousand of Ringgit and she is also paying maybe RM100++/ month for her membership, she is actually doing her own exercise…manually. She would stand in front of a mirror and do her stretching and stuffs. I know it is bad for us to laugh at her but…hey….kinda funny right? Paying all those money but not using any of the equipments? Ok, maybe she uses the thread mill but that’s all. Abs, chest, arm, legs…all manually. I don’t know……

I assure you, there are a lot more I want to share, but if you are a member of a gym, I think most of you have your own weird experience….

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Smithy, Get Well Soon!!

85 years is a long time. I dare say not a lot of people live till that age now. So having a record that long is an achievement and also a proud record. Till last Saturday, United had never been beaten by Liverpool in the FA cup for 85 freaking years…..and Crouch’s goal in the 18th minute of the match helped Liverpool to put that record in the history books. A painful and bitter pill for United fans to swallow but with that goal also, we are dumped out of the FA cup and the only realistic chance of winning something this season is the League Cup. It was unimaginable a few years back that United only chance of actually winning a trophy is the so call “Mickey Mouse” Cup.

And to be honest, there is nothing much to shout about the match anyways. Liverpool was the better team in the first half and their dominance in the midfield out shone United. The Liverpool players were fighting for every ball and United were not given a chance to settle on the ball. Almost all 50-50 ball were won by the Liverpool players while United defenders were working hard. It was from the corner resulting from a spectacular save from Van Der Sar that lead to Crouch’s goal. I am still wondering why a 6 feet something player, obviously the tallest player on the field was left on his own for a free header inside the six yard box ……still dumb founded me. I personally do think that if Rio was on the field that day, I doubt that would happen. As I have mentioned before, Brown and Vidic are good defenders but it was so obvious they are not yet a pairing and their positioning dealing with set pieces are a bit suspect and poor. United struggled through the half to even master any attempts on goal and Reina was obviously enjoying a quiet game in goal for Liverpool. Rooney was a disappointment and invisible most of the game while Ronaldo was obviously being closely guarded by the Liverpool defenders after his impressive displays in the last few games. He was the most fouled player on the field.

United played better in the second half by introducing Saha into the game replacing Silvestre who picked up a knock. Saha terrorized the Liverpool defence with his pace but United failed to deliver in the final third of the field. One opportunity came early in the second half from Neville’s cross that got finally put Liverpool steady defence under pressure. After fumbling awkwardly with the ball, Carragher and Reina cleared the ball with Van Nistelrooy lurking for a mistake. After that chance, United were limited to unsuccessful crosses and shot outside the box. Liverpool could have scored another goal to ease their nerves through Crouch who couldn’t capitalize on Van Der Sar and Vidic miscommunication, both letting the responsibility to clear the ball to each other and Crouch poke his long legs between them. Luckily the ball just rolled harmlessly away from the goal. That is another display of poor communication and lack of concentration in the United back line that has been piling up this few weeks.

United was well beaten but what happened a few minutes before the end of the match was horrific. Alan Smith who came in 15 minutes earlier attempted to block a free kick by Riise. He fell awkwardly and lied motionless on the field. The play was stopped when Brown and Van Dee Sar called for the medic staffs and from the reaction shown on their faces, it looked serious. And to be honest, Smithy might not be Keano but he can certainly that a knock. When I saw Ruud walked away from Smithy who was surrounded by all his team mates and also the Liverpool players, it was clear the injury was bad. As Sir Alex put it himself as one of the worst injury he’d seen and also in today’s paper, Smith described it himself….”When I looked down the leg was lying one way and my ankle was pointing to Hong Kong”. Although some section of the crowd was not that sympathetic to the United man but kudos to the one who actually put aside the bad blood between the two close rivals by capping to give support to Smithy. It was a horrific injury and Smithy could be out for a year to recuperate.

A bad week with the lost but it was made worse with the injury suffered by Smithy. All United fans will pray that Smithy will be better and make a speedy recovery on the injury. It is bad to go out of the FA Cup especially to the Scousers but to loose a player with such a horrific injury is worst. All out hearts go to Smithy.

Review :

Hero of The Match : Alan Smith. The pain must be excruciating but he was a brave Red soldier. We hope Smithy will come back better than ever in maybe a year time. And also the scousers who gave Smithy support with their applause.

Zero of the Match : The Scousers who gave Smithy the boos while he was in pain. Fools!!!!!

Moment of the Match: Smithy horrific injuries

Team Performance : Manchester United 6/10

Liverpool 7/10

What If : United won?

1. I will still write about Smithy injuries.

2. It will be another 85 more years before Liverpool can beat us again.

3. It will be a good week towards another Cup final.

4. I will not still be bitter till now.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who Do You Want To Be?

"It is hard being a man and it is difficult being a woman but the most difficult thing is being who you really want to be"

Nong Tume
Beautiful Boxer

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Step Over King Rule!!!

According to Sherie’s professional opinion, Chelski lost to Boro last Saturday because they decided to throw the game. The reason, they are too far ahead of everybody else and a lost would not make any difference. I do have to agree with one thing, a lost certainly would not make any difference in the standing because they are still 12 points ahead of United, the closest team to them. But to think that Mourinho actually threw the game, I don’t think so. With an ego as big as a man called Mourinho, I don’t think he would field a team just to loose a game. I know she is just trying to irritate me but it will not take away a good weekend of football for me.

I didn’t actually watched the Boro-Chelski but my dear Sherie sms me because I think she was a bit surprised as I was and also the fact that Arsenal was losing 1-0 to Bolton at that time. I mean, for a United fan it was just like eating my mom’s Laksa Sarawak…hahahahaha. Is she for real, I mean, Chelski losing 3-0 to a Boro side who had just lost 4-0 at home to the Villains? I got ready earlier than usual to catch my United game at 1.10am. I just have to watch maybe a bit of the match between Chelski and Boro just to make sure of the result with my own eyes.

And the big screen at the Restoran Makmur confirmed it. It was just like a dream. A dream I tell you. At the end of the match, the Boro players and fans were celebrating as if they have won the European Cup. But after a string of disappointing results that have put them too close to the relegation battle, the win was just at the right time to ease the team nerves. For Chelski, only their third lost since Mourinho took over the club almost 2 years ago, it does not make any difference as they will still enjoy a 12 points cushion over United even if United win the game against another relegation candidate, Portsmouth later that night.

With the Champions’s League quarter final will be played next week, United should take advantage with Chelski and Liverpool both involved. Maybe, with their priorities are some what diverted, United should be ready to capitalise on any slip ups by both team. Another lost to either team will decrease Chelski lead to 9 points and also extend United lead over Liverpool to 6 points. A 9 points lead may still be a significant margin but will surely put Mourinho’s Chelski under pressure.

Well, back to the game against Pompey last Saturday. Nothing much to say about the game actually as United after leading in the first half by 3 goals seems to be in cruising mode in the second half. The first half performance was brilliant as United created 2 opportunities at goal and scored both of them and another goal from a top class strike from the in form young Portuguese, Ronaldo. The first goal was almost a classic when Giggs beat 3 defenders from the middle of the field and then round off Keily in goal before blasting a shot that hit the bar but guess who was waiting like a predator in the 6 yard box……Van the Man was in hand, well, more like in head to finish a brilliant run by Giggs.

Even if Giggs run was rewarded with a goal, I don’t think fans would remember it after watching the 2nd goal from United. Last week, Ronaldo scored a wonderful goal from a free kick against Fulham. I think Anti Niemi is still watching the tape of that goal wondering how it changed direction in mid air to fool him in goal but I guess after this weekend match, he would receive a call from Keily who were beaten with an almost similar strike. From 22 yards out, he struck the ball with his left foot that swung in mid-flight that fooled Keily in goal. To be fair Keily, I don’t think any goalkeeper could have saved that strike. It was a beautiful strike that silences Frantton Park with the Pompey’s fans making a lot of noise urging their team to fight back.

Ronaldo was not yet finished. After a Rooney had brilliantly turned a defender at the edge of the box to make space for him to run and made a beautifully weighted pass to Ronaldo who was free on the right. Ronaldo took the ball in his stride and his strike took a kind deflection from a Pompey’s defender and took the ball pass Keily in goal. 3-0 and the game was over as a contest by then.

United took out Van Der Sar for a suspected injury to give Tim Howard his first taste of the premiership this season and also Giggs. United looked in 2nd gear for most of the 2nd half but credit to Portsmouth for not giving up the fight. The got their reward maybe a bit too late in the 87th minute with a goal from Taylor. With the lost, Portsmouth are now in deeper trouble as West Brom who occupied the last safety place in the league have an 8 points gap above them. With only about a dozen games before the end of the league, Pompey’s survival in the Premier League looked to be ending after 3 seasons.

Overall, a good week for United and also other teams in the EPL as it shows that Chelsea can be beaten and not invincible after all.

Review :

Hero of The Match : Ronaldo of course. He had scored two goals each in the last two games and hopefully more of that will come.

Zero of the Match : Chelski. I just have to put it in……

Moment of the Match: Ronaldo’s 1st goal of the night. What a cracker!!

Team Performance : Manchester United 7/10

Portsmouth 5/10

United stepped off the gear in the 2nd half. Liverpool coming next week for the 5th round of the FA cup, you know.

What If : Chelski had won?

1. no difference I guess. They win most of the weeks any ways.

2. my posting would be more on United win rather than going on about CHELSKI LOSING.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Prince Charming, Where are Thou?

Romantic and sweet men only exist in movie and romance novels. Not in real life…they don’t exist anymore. They have become extinct just like the dinosaurs and finding one would be a scientific discovery of the millennium. That man should be put in a lab and studied to know the mysteries and wonders of such being. Well, that’s what I can conclude from the comments I got from most of the lady bloggers.

Is it a fact? Is it true? Men now are not a romantic anymore. They don’t know the right thing to say or the right thing to do. They don’t even have a clue how to be romantic. I don’t know if “How to Be a Romantic Man for Dummies” book exist, but if it does I think it will be a best seller for both male and female. It would be a very popular birthday or anniversary for us male I guess. Maybe I might have a few of those copies myself looking at the rate I am going.

But then again, are women now are too blinded by the things they see on TV and movies and also with the books that they read that they have actually raise the bar of a romantic man. I mean the things a man would do for his love for a woman (or a guy even now - Brokeback Mountain anyone?) in the movies and in books are unbelievable. The things they say are just perfect. They can melt an ice even…not just a woman heart. And well… when u have someone who looks like Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom or Sean Connery doing and saying all those things….can u actually compare that to mere ordinary maybe a bit above average but sometime can look below average after a disastrous hair cut man with an ever increasing belly like me? I don’t think so….

I don’t know if I am a romantic or not. Only one person can rectify that and I guess maybe a few from my past. I have no way to tell and no way to rate myself. If I am to compare myself, a real man with a reel man, I would definitely crash and burn but I am very sure every man will try ever so hard to be romantic with their partners. How they show it, well, each one have their own unique and ermm….weird way of showing it. I don’t know if my pathetic attempts to be romantic with my partners do fall in the ‘weird and embarrassing’ category and I do hope it is not. But does it matter if it is weird or maybe a bit embarrassing? At least we tried right?

So what could be counted as romantic gestures? Hmm…let say giving a woman 99 petal of roses. Would that be considered a romantic gesture or just wasting money? What about hanging a sign professing your love to your partner and walking around in a mall…..would that be a romantic gesture or just plain crazy and embarrassing?

Can this be counted as trying to be a romantic? Making a birthday or anniversary card on your own because you think the cards on sale does not express your real feelings? Willing to miss a football match between United and Liverpool because she wants to watch a movie? Going on a ride although he is afraid of heights? Or just calling her, even after u r married, in the middle of the day just to say how much u miss and love her? Or maybe just the words that come out of our mouth would be enough? Saying that you sleep better with her beside you…ermm…without her thinking ur saying that just to get a little action.

A friend of mine did something really nice for her wife during their 5th wedding anniversary. He promised to bring the wife to Bali but he had to cancel it because of work commitment. To make up for it, he brought his wife to a beach resort hotel in Kuching and covered the room with rose petals. The room cleaners were not happy about the mess but the wife surely like it. Let just say, 9 months after that Baby Arif was born……hehehehe

So, still think that man like this only exist in movies and romance novels? I don’t think so. Man’s wife found one and as confessed by Mommy Feline, she has been with one for the past 6 months. Not all men are jerks and not all women fall for jerks. Just give us a chance and maybe..maybe…that movie or novel romance instinct in us will appear. I hope for my sake… does.

Hmmm….where is that Wild Heart (Mills & Boons) novel I was reading?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Defensive Headache

6 goals conceded in the last two premiership games with a lost against Blackburn who scored 4 against us and the rest came from the win against Fulham. After splashing out almost £12 million in the January transfer market on two defenders, we were expecting it would have made our defense a more solid and stronger unit but so far we have yet to see any improvement. It was unthinkable before to see United conceding 4 goals in any game but this season, we have conceded four goals in two premiership games with the other one coming from the trashing we got from Boro in early November last year.

I honestly believe if not for Van der Sar, we could have lost more games. He can save 10 certain goals in a match but without the support and also the reliability that any team needed from the defenders to cover the goalkeeper, we can still loose the games just because of the lack of concentration or misjudgments by the defenders that can lead to a goal.

In the last two matches, the lack of communication among the defenders was clearly shown. They were getting into each other ways to head or clearing the ball and also the positioning in the box when handling crosses were frustrating for us fans. I would understand Vidic having trouble understanding French or English but when Evra and Silvestre were getting in each other ways (both Frenchman) more than one occasion during the course of the match and might have caused an embarrassing goal, you do feel unsettle and nervous while watching the game. It was frustrating to see the mix up between Rio and Van der Sar that caused the goal against Blackburn, I don’t think the fans were ready to endure another such moments.

Our defending against Fulham’s set pieces and crosses were pathetic and it was clear that Fulham realized it and were trying to expose the weakness. Both goals came from crosses from both flanks and headed by players who are not the tallest in the field and I do think both Brown and Silvestre must be over 6” tall but no one of them were challenging for the ball or anywhere near. Considering McBride and Helguson are obviously the strikers for Fulham, I am still trying to figure out why were our centre backs not the one defending them and leaving the responsibilities to actually challenging the strikers on both occasions to the left and right back?

Don’t get me wrong, Brown is a good defender but he just lacks the authority and command at the back. He reminds me of Pallister, a strong but silent defender. I don’t think I ever see Brown barking any orders to his fellow defenders or midfielders on the field. He just goes into the field and make sure the tackles are strong and making sure his presence is notice on the field. I think because of that and also with his injury problems, he had been over looked by Sven for the England call-up. I don’t know if he will be in the final squad for the World Cup come this June with Ferdinand, Terry, Campbell and King are all ahead of him.

United have scored 49 goals so far. This is only 3 goals less than Chelski but the awful truth is Chelski have only let in 13 goals while United have let in 26 goals, exactly double than Chelski and an average of just over 1 goal per game. It is clear that to really challenge Chelski and also being on top of the league again, United must compliment the superb attacking flair with a strong defence. The current defensive unit has not been impressive and do need a lot of improvement to be at par with the best. It is too early to actually comment on the new addition to the squad in the form of Vidic and Evra but we do hope they will blend in fast with the team. It does seems that the league championship is out of reach for United in the current season but the automatic 2nd spot for the Champions League is still to play for with Liverpool the only strong challenger right now with Arsenal fading away.

All United fans still remembered the time when scoring a goal against United is a privilege but last week Bentley has become the only player to have scored a hatrick against United since I don’t know when. Even Shearer and Henry do not have the right to say that they did the same thing. In doing so, Bentley had also help Blackburn to a double in the league over United for almost 73 years. I hope for another 100 years more, no team can do a double on United again.

Can we catch Chelski and maybe become the champion? I do want to believe that but a 2nd place finish and also less goals going into the back of United net would be enough for me now and almost all United fan.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Is Sex Important?

I am not trying to be a pervert, don't be offended....just a posting, just a survey...just questions....

1. Can a relationship last without sex?
2. Can a man or woman in a relationship say no to sex when it is offered to him or her?
3. Does sex play an important part in most relationship now?
4. Does it matter if the sex is good or bad?
5. If the sex is bad, would the relationship last, marriage included?
6. Would you actually tell your partner that the sex is bad and ask him/her to improve?
7. Do you feel insulted if you were told that you need to improve?
8. Would you actually fake an orgasm just to make your partner feel good?
9. Does dirty talk help?
10. If your partner actually tell you his/her wildest fantasy, would you actually fulfill his/her request?
11. Would you actually compare your partner performance with another, in silence?
12. A moaner or a dead sheep?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Worth Every Squeeze

" About finding that one thing you really care about. That one special thing that means more to you than anything else in the world. And when you find her, you fight for her. You risk it all. You put her in front of everything, your future, your life, all of it. And maybe the stuffs you do to help isn't so clean but you know what? It doesn't matter because in your heart, you know, that the juice is worth the squeeze."

Matthew Kidman
The Girl Next Door