Saturday, September 01, 2007


He gave us a lot of wonderful memories. The magnificent 4 goals in 12 minutes against Forest after coming on as a sub. And who can ever forget that nite in the Nou Camp. To all United fans…Ole is more than THAT goal. Thank you for the 11 years of pleasure and devotion you have given us. You are a true United Legend...Salute!!!

While we are saying goodbye to one legend, another is coming back to Old Trafford this weekend...Keano is back, well, for a short visit. He is bringing the Black Cats to his old stamping ground and will be trying to outwit his ex-gaffer. Well, I do wish him luck for the rest of the season and hope he can keep Sunderland up…but after 90 minutes tomorrow, United will turn his team into kittens.

Before the game tomorrow, ada karaoke session with the missus and our friends. Lama gila tak karaoke…. It’s just not the same without you Eddy.

p/s: Eddy, think can potong me in the league this week? Hehehehe.....I’m waiting!!!