Saturday, July 29, 2006

How You Doin'?


I've taken my much deserve summer break but now I'm back. Why? Because in about two weeks time, football season is back. But I am not gonna write about football no...Why? Cos there is nothing worth it to talk about. Just that United just sold one of our best striker of all time to a team that might cut short United dream of another European glory. A team of which contains Beckham who supplied more than half of Van the Man goals when they were playing together. And in return, United might get a Fletcher-look-alike who only played bit-part in England's World Cup campaign....and to be honest, he sucked. 2 weeks before the season starts... United got no one but might be losing more players. Just need to get that out of the system...hmmmm..fuhhh. And 1 more thing... what is up with United jerseys??? I thought signing up with Nike will give a better look. Bring Umbro back (price a bit cheaper)!!!

Unless she comes with it..

Latest Happenings
I'll be moving into a new place next week...Insya Allah. So I have to do a bit of bargain shopping for household items....namely Tesco. Right now, I'm "menumpang" at my Uncle's house in USJ2....and after a month of traffic jams, tolls, petrol-killing-me drive... I am so looking forward to be moving to a place nearer to the office. That is why automatic cars are a better choice in KL... I am driving a manual and I built up muscles in my legs I never knew existed.

I interviewed a few candidates for vacant positions in my department. Kinda cool and interesting cos I actually get to see what it feels like on the other side of the table. To actually judge someone if they are suitable for the job is really hard. And to actually look important and smart enough as an interviewer, is much much harder when you are interviewing someone much older and with more experience than you. FYI, none of the candidates were recommended to the 2nd interview... and I am not being mean.


I am hooked on two songs for the last one month. Songs that will just make you bop you head up and down and just wanna shake that booty. "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado and "Mas Que Nada" by Sergio Mendez feat. BEP. Both had a lot of airplays on our local radio stations. Well, I am gonna add one more song to the list and trust me, it is terrific. Apparently, Stacy Ferguson or better known as Fergie(that hot sassy sexy mama) is coming out with a solo album and her 1st single "London Bridge" is making waves all over the world. Wanna taste of it, well... just click.

That lucky bugger Josh Duhamel


Well... my ever lovely Sherie, who loves horror flicks, had a few movies she had lined up to make my heart stop a bit or two. First up, most probably tomorrow...will be "American Haunting". And judging the trailer, I am in for a rough 1 1/2 hours. "The Dorm" was supposed to be in the list too but her brother saw it and apparently, it is not that good. She is gonna buy a DVD copy instead....YEA for me. So, next in line is Keanu "Lookig confused and lost all the time" Reeves and Sandra "Please say my last name as glamorous as possible" Bullock flick... The Lake House. This is just the perfect role for Keanu. "I'm lost,lonely, confused...what?? She's 2 years apart?? How can that be? I'm confused... I need to find the truth". Oh Keanu, can't you get any other roles?


Am rooting for rooting for Toby and Dilana. Those two rocks.... and if Dilana ends up as the lead singer, I think she will give a piece of her knee if Tommy Lee try anything. Storm Large....hmmm.... with a name like that, with a performance like that...hmmm...Tommy Lee is thinking of a sequel to "On the Boat 2" maybe??

One in A Million
Suki got the highest vote and have immunity for next week..hmmm. No, it is not Survivor. Just curious, why and what makes people vote her? I really don't see anything special about this 16 year old? Or maybe the voters are confusing this with the next Manga comic character?

Am rooting for Faizal and Dayang. Those two are just terrific. Zai is another one of my fave but she kinda disappoint me with her two last performance. Need to gain her confidence back and control her nerves. It is effecting her performance.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Gladiators V The Musketeers

It happen again to me. Again....what are the odds. Everything gone cos this stupid pc thinks it's funny...DAMN YOU ONCE WHITE COLOUR PC IN A CYBER CAFE!!!!

Let's try to recap what i said in the now lost creation of mine.

- not much excitement...still mourning cos England, Brazil, Argentina is out
- watching as a neutral
- hope it is gonna be a good match and worth to stay up for game on a working day
- Will the balding and one of the most talented player in our time Zizou wil get his dream sent off for his retirement or will Cannavaro cap his 100th game with the ultimate football prize?

Prediction - France will win to give Zizou the best ever retirement or going away present anyone can ever have. To make it more dramatic.. let's Zizou be that single goal scorer in the last minute of extra time.....

That's what i can remember... oh...before i forgot.. the p/s part...

P/S: Sherie is supporting Italy to win. Reason - France dumped Brazil out. For my sake, please let Lippi's men do something and win it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


England is out……………. losing on the penalty kicks again. What a surprise!

Argentina is out…………... Germany winning it on penalty kicks again. What a surprise!

Brazil is out. France outplayed them again with Zizou becoming the Samba Boys'destroyer. What a surprise!

So what is left for me in the World Cup? Absolutely nothing….well, except for my fantasy team in the fantasy football league, which is also not doing well. I am 4th out of 10 teams and too far to challenge the top three.

I told Princess Sparkle that England will loose if it goes to penalty kicks…. The history books does not side the English. Last Saturday disappointment just adds to England sorry association with penalty kicks. Lampard who had been banging in the goals for Chelsea through out the season just couldnt hit the back of the net. He got the most shots on goal so far in this WC but none of it resulted in a goal. Even given the opportunity to score from the penalty spot pun tak boleh.

Stevie G was playing with his heart on his sleeves when playing for Liverpool but somehow he just ran out of steam when playing for England. He is not the major force he was with Liverpool. He did not rally the team like he did for Liverpool when they are 3 nil down to AC Milan in last season CL’s final or this season FA Cup final against West Ham. He was just Gerrard, the English midfielder who ran and ran but don’t know what to do with the ball except playing long balls. No creativity, no passion, no charisma.

Well, I could talk all day about the England team… the disappointment and sadness it brought to me when they were out yet again after so much promise…and don’t get me started on Brazil’s lackluster performance but let’s just concentrate on my prediction on the semi-final match…. but I do have to say that Hagreaves and Lennon do worth a mention. I personally think that they are the only bright spark in an England team containing suppose to be star players like Lampard, Stevie G, Becks and Rooney. I guess Sven brought Theo just to enjoy the his summer holidays under the german sun.

Germany V Italy

Prediction – Germany will win this one. Heck, they will go all the way to win the whole thing anyway. Italy might have beaten Germany 4-1 in a friendly recently but this is a totally different German team. They have the all important 12th player with them…the home fans.

Score – Germany 1 Italy 0 ( Klose will score)

France V Portugal

Prediction – France prove to the bogey team for Brazil yet again. Portugal has always been dubbed as the “European Brazil” and with a Brazilian coach. Hmmm… end of the road for Scolari? France will win this one. Zizou is in the form of his life and I believe he wants to win the WC to end his career on a high. You can’t have a better sent off than that.

Score – France 2 Portugal 0