Monday, July 30, 2007

The Week That Was............

The week that passed…..

My 2 sisters were in town to do their annual shopping .Purple Raven came after a 4 day vacation in Jakarta/Bandung with friends while Lilac Raven flew in from Kuching. Bought lots of DVDs boxsets (almost 12 titles which included One Three Hill, Smallville, Grey’s Anatomy, etc) and books (almost 50 if I’m not mistaken). It was a short trip and I managed to squeeze 2 days leave (an MC…thanks Dr. C and a legitimate requested leave) to spend time with them. The missus was feeling a bit ignored but being a wonderful wife that she is (she did not pay me anything to write this Eddy) she understood. Having family around is a privilege for me and I am very close to my sisters especially Lilac Raven. She is my football buddy as she is also a United fan. I thought after a lot of experiences sending family off to the airport, I would be less emotional but still, it gets me every single time. Maybe it’s the thought of not knowing when you will get to see them again makes me feel kinda sad.


Had my 2nd interview last Monday at the “Yellow Fellow” TelCo. I thought after the 1st interview which I personally rated as “CRAPPY”, I would not hear from them and pretty much given up hope. But on cue, just a day after I told the missus that they must have shredded pushed my resume in the KIV file…I received a call for a 2nd interview. And a 2nd interview which I will again rated as “CRAPPY”. I wished I had done better that day to impress the interviewers but I knew I was less than impressive. The only thing that I can do now is just to hope and pray that I had convinced them enough to offer me the job. I need a new job…..and the benefits they are offering sounds good.


A colleague tendered his resignation….without a back up plan. No job offers but he just couldn’t stand the b*%$# boss anymore and besides she seemed determined to push him out. I don’t think anyone in the department can stand her but some of us just have to suck it up until a genuine opportunity present itself… yours truly. My feelings towards the boss had gradually changed from “I Don’t Like Her” to “I HATE Her” to “I Despise Her” to “I Want To Run Her Down if I See Her Crossing the Road”. The thought of another department meeting and hearing her for the umpteenth time telling us what a good boss she is and how lucky we are to have her as a boss makes me want to poke my eyes out like Kassim Selamat. To us, she is the closest you can ever get to a boss from hell.


United ended their Tour of Asia in China. Only Nani had the opportunity to show us why he is worth £17m and looks like he is worth every pound. The Tevez saga is getting absurd and Heinze is really pushing our loyalty to the limit. I just hope all this will not get in the way of United’s preparation to defend the title. The EPL will start in 12 days time and I just can’t wait. I am even excited about watching The Charity Shield this weekend against Chelski.


Watched The Simpsons with the missus and I enjoyed it. After 2 months of blockbusters and over-hyped movies, this movie is what I needed. A whole one hour plus of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie and you can’t go wrong with the Simpson’s bunch. Leave the story line, the concept, the expectations out the door…it’s The Simpsons. Just drink your Coke, eat your popcorns and get ready to be brainless for just a short period of time….for some of us.


A war-torn country, Iraq, became Asian Champion against all odds while Malaysia is still figuring out how to beat the likes of the Philippines and Brunei in the next Sea Games in Korat. FAM…open your eyes and see, open your ears and listen. Wake the old brain up and do something.


SMS a friend to wish her Happy Birthday. A minute later I received her reply that said – Hahaha… U got the wrong date lah bro.

Hmmmm…..thanks Baby!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Dear Football Association of Malaysia,

Red Raven Bin Gagak Hitam
No. 1, Old Raven Road
Raven Kelang Valley
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

19th July 2007

Human Resource Department
Football Association of Malaysia
3rd Floor Wisma FAM
Jalan SS5A/9, Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Dear Sir,


With reference to the above matter, I would like to express my interest in applying for the position of the Deputy President of FAM.
I do believe I am the right person for the position as I am not of royalty blood so the FAM Committee Members are allowed to criticise me without worrying being dimurkai. I am also not a politician so I will not be promising something I cannot deliver just to get the votes. I am also way below the retirement age as FAM do need young blood to help Malaysian football team out of the doldrums they are in now.
To show that I can incorporate fresh new ideas in bringing back the glory days of our nation’s football (other than reminisce about Allahyarham Super Mokh and Ghani Minhat terrorising the defence while “Spiderman” Arumugam making saves after saves at the back), I am listing down proposals that will be implemented if I am chosen for the job.
1. We will not send our football team for the next four years to any tournament and qualifying rounds. The money that we are using to pay for the air tickets, accommodations, win bonuses (against team like Bhutan, Nepal, etc) and allowances will be used to organize more football clinics for youngsters around the country. We hope that the clinics will be able to uncover raw talents that we can develop to be the future of our football.
2. Each state must have their own football academy which will accommodate players from the age of 13 until 18. Football theories and practice will be part of the syllabus so that students who cannot make the grade as a player can still be involved in football such as being a coach, dietician, etc.
3. We will send scouts to find players of Malaysian origin playing in the leagues around the world and persuade them to play for Malaysia…obviously they have to be better than the current crops of players we have now. If countries like the Philippines and even Germany are doing that, why can’t we? If question of pride and loyalty of these players are raise….are the current crop of players we have right now have those? The public wouldn’t mind because if we are proud of a Malaysian born Miss Michigan or Kentucky and an Idol in Australia….it wouldn’t be a big issue when it comes to football.
4. We will also do what our neighbouring country, Singapore, is doing. We will try to naturalize players to represent us. We have been doing that in other sports anyway…Yufang in athletics and Bibiana (I think) in shooting. Players like Keita Madjou would definitely help Malaysia in the FIFA ranking from the pathetic 149th we are currently in.
5. We will take advantage of Air Asia being one of the sponsors for Manchester United. We will send selected players from the state academies, coaches and management team to gain knowledge to help Malaysia. Teams from the big leagues always claim that they are not here to cash-in but also to help the development of Asian football. This programme should be sponsored 100% by Air Asia so that Malaysian football will fly high again.
6. We will also send officials to Japan to study how the J-League is being organized and planned. JFA must have done something right seeing J-League success in a short period of time. We will also study the marketing and branding strategy of J-League and figure out how to make our stadiums full of passionate fans again.
7. FAM should be helmed by professionals. Anyone with political ambitions and agenda should not be part of FAM. Thus, politicians and royalties should not hold any post in FAM.
8. We will only employ a coach with international success and credibility. Winning the Malaysia Cup and the Liga Super will not be the only qualification to be Malaysia’s coach.
9. Nasi lemak will be banned among Malaysian players. Healthy diets will be introduced.
The above are only the beginning of my elaborate plan to improve the state of our football team. I believe that there is hope for our footballers to be world class players and may one day be one of the giants in Asian or even world football.
I would therefore appreciate the opportunity of an interview to discuss why I believe I am a good match for your requirements. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,

Red Raven Bin Gagak Hitam