Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Breaking a Sweat……..AT LAST!!!!!!

I woke up today and man, my whole body is aching. I am still tired and I think my body is still trying to adjust to the fact that I am actually running and sweating again. I think my whole limb got a shock cos they are actually being utilized…. I played futsal last nite.

It has been almost 6 months since I kick a ball. That is a long time but for the record, I have once have gone through 2 years without playing. The reaction to that is much worse . I actually threw up, during the game, and stop playing after 5 minutes. Man….. I have to sit out the rest of the game and trying to recover from that 5 pathetic minutes for almost a week. I can’t walk properly cos my legs muscles are aching, had headache for about 2-3 days, don’t ask me to explain cos I don’t know why, my back hurts and I was sweating……so the lesson here is….. don’t let your body rest for that long….I know I will not let that happen again…

I actually feared for the worst last nite, considering the long lay off. 6 months is not a short period. Even professional footballers will take time to ease themselves into the game. And here we are not even talking about a professional footballer but a guy who just likes to play football, not that good and have not been exercising for about 6 months. Not even a butt exercise. Would I just be walking around in the court? Would I just play for 5-10 minutes and then I would be seeing start? Would I have a horrid time…..miss kick the ball, kick the ball like a girl….oh….just about everything bad that could happen was in my head.

But at the same time, I was looking forward to the game. I miss it. Use to play almost every week back home to none is killing me. Thanks to a great girlfriend and also a great friend (thanks Cher), I am about to play my first game and it is also gonna be the first time ever I play football in a different state. It may not mean much to anyone else but being a football fanatic, watching matches is great but it will never beat the feeling of actually kicking the ball, tackling, heading and scoring a goal yourself.

I brought my gears and change at the office. I dah janji with Cher around 7.30pm at her office. Still nervous cos I never met the other guys and at the same time I am afraid that I might suck. Just to make sure I got enough energy, I bought a packet of power bar powder. Anything that can help me, I would have taken at that time. Met Cher and followed her car to the futsal court. I still fear for the worst at that time. When we arrive, I introduce myself to everyone and start drinking my energy drinks and hope it works.

When u r playing in a team game, it is best to know the name of your team mates. If you don’t, u might end up not getting the ball. At first it was kinda hard. The only person I know on the field is actually playing for the other team so I try to make use of my sense of hearing. Remembering the name of my team mate when they are called out by others. Being new, I am still figuring out the game with them. I have to know who can kick with his right or left leg (to pass a ball for someone to kick, must know where he is comfortable with), who can run and get to the end of a pass (need to know the range and also the speed of the pass) and lots. I know I am a bit too technical for just a fun futsal outing, but when u play well, u and ur team mate also will have fun. As the games proceed further, I played much better, got most of my pass inch perfect and scored goals too. And the energy drink helps; I might recommend it to others.

In the end, I had fun. All the bad things I was freaking about didn’t happen. The guys and gal were great and they are a good bunch of players and people. My whole body is aching but I can’t want for another session. A good way for me to sweat and workout have fun and maybe meet new friends……and also I found out that energy drinks do work…hahahahahaha……

Friendly Speaking

Last Saturday I accompanied my girlfriend to her friends’ Hari Raya open house. I have no complaints about it cos when free foods are on offer, I am there. The only concern that I have is me trying to make a conversation or even small talks. I have to admit and I have mentioned it before too, that my social skills are not something to shout about. So while on the way to the open house, I was actually quietly thinking of my talking points. I know they are gonna ask me which part of Sarawak I am from once they know I’m a Sarawakian. The 2nd question would be how I am fitting in KL. Then it will proceed to where do I live here in KL and where do I work. Once they know I work in a gym, they would ask what kind of work I am doing. Some would just ask if I am a personal trainer and I would answer “I don’t think anyone wants to be train ed if the personal trainer looks like me (referring to my belly)” ….which is an attempt by me to be funny. Then it will all come to a halt…..and I’ll be like looking up above the stars and hoping a comet or superman just stream by so it can be the next talking point.

It is so easy for people who are generally good talkers or communicators to do it. It is damn hard for me. I don’t know why and what is the reason. Maybe because of the way I was brought up. My parents were quite strict on me being the eldest and all. I was not allowed to go to parti es until I was 18 years old and when I was actually in college. But I think most of us face the same thing but that will not make our social skills in the dumpster.

Sometimes because I of my sifat pemalu yang terlampau, people just make the assumption that I am just a snobbish and a proud person which I am not at all. I hate being branded like that. It makes me sad and down because I know I am not. I just need time to be comfortable around new people.

So what does a man at my age needs to do to make friends and what can I do to improve my social skills. I am still figuring out. It is getting harder now to meet people especially being in a new place and a new environment. Trying to adapt to the city itself is a challenge for me but trying to meet new friends, on my own (without my girlfriend help cos so far, all my new friends are her friends) is a mission maybe too impossible for someone like me. I know I need to get over my shyness to be able to make friends but where do I start?

I miss talking about my football stuffs. That is one of the main reason I start blogging. Just a way for me to get it out and also to babble on and on and on about it. And I think it is working. At least I have a channel to get it all out but I guess it will never beat sitting at a kopitiam or a mamak stall and talk about football…the offside goal, the handball, the crunching tackles… the main point here is, I need macho adrenaline pumping male bonding…hahahahaha……

Well, for the time being, for all the people who care to read, just enjoy my view about everything….football, life, almost about everything….from my eyes…..

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Star for a Day

Today i went to a Hari Raya open house with my lovely baby boo. It's her friend from school, Syanie...the actress u know. She was actually looking forward of cos to meet her friend Syanie and (hmmmpp....still tak puas hati) Hans Isaac. We went with Izwan and Nilie...konvoi lah pegi cos they are not sure the way to Syanie's house. Sampai there, she buat lawak, she got kelam kabut when seeing all the cars coming and she need to reverse the car to park. And i dont blame her, the jalan was so kecik cos cars were parking along the we change places and like a true hero i mastered a way for us to get out.

There were a lot of people a round. Syanie was there to sambut all the tetamu and we said hi to her before proceeding to the khemah where lots of people were sitting and stuffing themselves with food...hmm.....tak sabar nak find a seat and stuff myself too...hehehehehe.....and to tell u the truth, other than of cos beraya to a friend's house( i actually know an celebrty and i call her a friend now, well, more like menumpang from my dear girlfriend lah), was too eat my way through the nite..hahahaha....and as per recommended by the tukang jemput, the roast lamb is a must....

We manage to muscle our way (just nak buat it sounds a bit exciting, cos we just stroll thru..heheheh), we manage to find a seat just infront of Syanie's house. the whole strecth of the road infornt of her house was blocked by the tent. Oh...while muscling our way to find seats, i saw my first celebrity, Bob Lokman...and if he is to knock me with his hands, i think my muka will be senget forever..he is big and tall....ok..back to the story where we jumpa a place to sit. Sherie and Nilie went to get the food, and me and Izwan was being a gentlemen and waited to protect our place...a true hero indeed.

My eyes was wandering around when i saw this gorgeous lady. It's Erra Fazira, and she is drop dead like a fly on the wind shield gorgeous....even Sherie's agrees. She is tall, and she looks elegant. She was sitting with Nur Aliah Lee, Aziz M Osman wife if i am not mistaken. She also looks ayu....she looks really nice. Then Julia Banos came to their table and said was never this close to all celebrities before....heehehe....and from the corner of my eyes...i then saw Umie Aida...she was too looking pretty. I was hoping i could catch Maya but she was no where to be found. And while i was looking and admiring the view ( u still the most beautiful lady in my life), my dear girlfriend was drooling...and i have to wipe her drools...try to get a view of what she was looking at...n there...just by the gate, beside the drain infront of the house, there he was. The man hunk i assume she would decribe him....Hans Isaac. Man....guess that's how she felt when i was looking at Erra, but then again, i guess she could turn lesbian on me judging the way how she keep saying how gorgeous she was to her friends.

There were some more celebrities but i guess i need to watch more malay movies or drama over RTM,TV3 or any other channel to actually recognise them. I think we shared the table with an actress, she looks familiar, from an ad or from some drama on tv, i am not sure. She look campur campur like rojak one....i definately saw her someone.....but like i there for the food...the roasted was good, i was lucky to be one of the first batch of people to get the lamb. They refill every hour and before u know it, tinggal tulang je in abt 20 mins time cos the queue for the kambing, like gerabak keretapi. The keuh tiau was good also, nasi dagang is fulfilling and the kuih also verdict, free food is good but free food that is cook to perfection is five goat beard star.....i dont know what i am merepeking here....but u get what i mean right?

Apart from all the food, i was like thinking. WHy didn't i got star struck? Why i didn't freeze when Erra was beside me when i was refilling my drinks? Why didn't i smile like a kerang busuk when she smile and said excuse me? hmmm...guess they are not my kind of star kot...if Roy Keane or Ruud was infront of me (there he goes with his football thing again) i would be speechless......i would freeze and look even stupider i guess..hahaha...n u know what my girlfriend said? She said, if Bradd Pitt was there she would definately left me behind...hahahah..i know she is joking but would a girl do that? I mean, leave a guy when she can get a bigger catch?

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Best of the Best

On Friday 25th November 2005, Manchester United and football fans all around the world was mourning as we lost another football great, George Best, who dazzled the world football in the 60’s when he wore the no 7 jersey of United. A truly great player who retired from football when he was only 27 years old because of his addiction to the bottle, we may only had a glimpse of what he could do. Most player are on the peak of their career when they are 28, so we can just imagine what he can do if he just stayed away from the lure of alcohol.

He was the first “rock star” of football, long before the current crop of players like Beckham, Raul or even Rooney. He was the fashion icon and he was always surrounded by "birds" as he decribed them. As he was once quoted “I used to go missing a lot" he said "Miss Canada, Miss United Kingdom or Miss World.” With his moped hair he was also dubbed as the 5th Beatle by the press because of his rock star life, his good looks and also the attention that he got from the ladies.

As a United supporter, u are always reminded and told about the greatness of George Best. I have only watched clips and videos of his playing skills on cds I bought. When Giggsy emerged at the club as a 17 years old winger, he was dubbed as the next Best but Best was in a class of his own. His name was always mentioned whenever the debate about who is the best player in the world. Even Pele, have said that Best is the best player in the world. With his audacious dribbling skills, he can shoot with both of his feet (Beck can only use his right, his left is crap), one of the best headers of the ball, his tackling and eye for goals, he is just the best.

The bottle took over him and his career and what a short and memorable career he had. His addiction to the bottle may have come from his mother, who was also an alcoholic (she also died with alcohol related sickness), his sudden fame at an early age which he have no control of or maybe he drinks because he lost the passion for the game. No one knows but it was a sad story to such a brilliant player.

Salute to Best. Thank you for gracing your skills and your talent to all Manchurian. George Best, our legend, our hero. His name will always be in all United fan forever. He came, he he left us as a legend.................

THANK YOU BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Perfect Life

I received a mail from a friend. Lost contact for a while but masa balik cuti raya recently, jumpa balik. So we exchange mails and phone no cos we met pun by chance aje. So takde lah we like talk lama and ask about what we are doing now and things but just told him that I am working in KL now.

He mailed me a few days ago just to say hi and also what he have been doing for the past one year I guess. Telling me how life have change for him and he have finally gotten a job that he loves. He enjoys his work and the company. The pay is quite good also so that makes him even happier. His life has finally works the way he wants and plans it to be. A good job & position, he bought a house recently, a cool car…he is living his life…he life is just perfect right now.

Makes me think…what is a perfect life? What if your life did not turn out like what u dream or plan? Would that make your life less perfect? Would that make you a failure in life?

I don’t like my job(hate is a strong word u know) and still searching for something I really would enjoy, I live alone in a rented apartment; my car, well, I am still hoping that one day I will be a proud owner of a BMW or at least a Mazda 3 or 6 series. does that mean that I am living my life as a failure….I know a lot of people have the same feelings…does that make my or your life less perfect?

I stop pitying myself a long time ago…I stop sulking over what is not happening and what I don’t have now…well, I still do it sometimes but people who loves me and cares about me – my family, friends and of course my significant other- always reminds me that I do have a perfect life. I have them in my life to love me, to care for me. So I just wanna tell you about the people in my life that made my life better than it could have ever been.

Me and my dad, we are not exactly talking buddies, well, he talks a lot, I don’t, and I listen most of the time… hahahaha …..He may not say I love you but I know he does with his constant reminder of my responsibilities as a Muslim….” Sembahyang jangan di lupak….dah tua and nak berbini ya….camne nak jadi ketua keluarga mun sik nunai tanggungjawab dirik pun” (anyone needs a translation..heheheh)…ohhh….and also reminding me about my car loan payment….always slips my mind…..hehehehehe

My mom….hmmmm…what can I say about this amazing lady. I love her so much. A soft spoken woman, don’t talk much….and her health…hmmm…I just hope I can at least repay what she have done for me all this time…just a simple sms saying hi and how I miss her is enough to make her happy……

My grandma…she took care of me when I was a child, I was sleeping with her and my late grandpa till I was 5 or 6…being the 1st grandchild, I am always a bit manja with her and till now, she will always kiss my cheeks when she sees me. I was her loyal partner whenever she needs to go to the market…masa kecik2…we use the bus, now I drive her..but her health is a worry now…and her wish “ Jangan lamak gilak bujang, ingin mak nek(that’s what I call her) nangga kau atas pelamin”….Insya Allah, I will make her wish come true sooner rather than later…..

My sisters….well….those two are special ladies…they are gonna make any guy happy….hahahaha….

Hanim with her Korean and Japanese movies (so guys who have looks like a Korean actor, u are in with a chance..hahaha)…she is always in her room with her books, novels, DVDs, cds, astro…I don’t think she ever goes out for a date….I do hope she find a guy…a good guy…..I have a say in that right? Always gracious and always there to help (my personal bank sometimes…mak asih Nim)……

Yaya…oopppss….Camy I mean…she’s the youngest but she never acted like one…sometimes I think she is more matured than Hanim…and she is 10 years younger than me….me and her, we are like best friend….we get along really really well…and we support the same football team…Glory Glory United right….but this one, sensitive giler….hahahaha…so be careful with what u say to her…she might be offended u know…but she is my lil sis….crazy giler kat Kaer…and this year she actually met Kaer by chance when she was her in KL….she call me at once when she met him..hahahahaha…and also when she wants to know the game result….

My two brothers…..hmmm…..we don’t talk…we only talk to each other when we need to…Razi is the strong quiet type, don’t say much and when he is angry, he is even quieter….strange boy but when he is with his friends….it is like a 180 change, he is this loud, joke cracking guy…loves to colour his hair…he dyed it a bit too red sometime ago…and a bit purple if I am not mistaken…crazy guy I tell u…

Iwan…well…his a family man now…the first in the family, got a boy call Rifki…didn’t agree with what he did till now, hard to forgive but his my brother….and I just hope and pray he just grow up cepat sikit and get mature sikit cos he got a family and a son to take care….just stop with your car modification craze and take care of the family…..

Friends…hmmm…..I don’t have a lot but the one I have, they are special to me…..

Awang, hmmm….trying to make an appointment to lepak with this guy is harder than making appointment with the Sarawak CM maybe, a very perasan guy who always thinks the girls are checking him out….Sorry pok, they are actually checking out the guy behind u or beside u (ehemm..ehem…hahahahaha)…but a nice guy, selamba when making jokes..u don’t even know if he is making a joke cos of his facial _expression….and when you need help, always there to lend a hand….

Aziz…well…the old guy… band mate, the guitarist in the a very very manly voice..well…I didn’t say that…one of the girls in the office told me , he got this Hattan/Rahim Maarof type of voice( I still beat u though….2nd is better than 3rd..hehehehe)….blur giler….oh My God….u wont belief tahap blur this guy have..a joke will not be funny anymore after the 4th or 5th time u know….but he is a loving husband and father…his wife is one of the coolest lady I met….

Nordy…well….Lan A to Z looks alike (jangan marah pok..hahahaha)….cute guy…always get the ladies attention so when u are with him, it is likely that cute lady wearing the blue shirt is not checking u out….just that, most of the time, yang mengurat this guy are teenagers, belum akil baligh…hahahahah…..because of his size….kecik and cute je budak ni, cool guy, a singer, fancy himself as a hip hop and R&B singer..hahahahah…..he have a new “girlfriend”…white in colour….haven’t got the opportunity to take a spin in it yet…

Norma….my adik angkat…a lovable girl…aggressive girl….funny girl…and what I know…I will always be there for her….a fragile girl who is now maturing into a fine young lady his boyfriend to death….and that laugh…oh my god….that laugh……u have to hear it to believe it …..if Maya Karin needs a double for her Pontianak laugh….look no further….

My girl, my baby boo Sherie…. I love her….she is one hell of a strong minded woman. She can take care of herself, and she hates it if I can’t make my own decision. But she is a teddy bear at heart..heheheheh….very loveable and huggable.. she loves kids and I know she can’t wait to her own one day and I believe she will be a great mom one day…heheheheh…..I am ever so grateful that I met her and knowing that she is mine just makes me the happiest and luckiest man alive and with each passing day…. I love her more….

And her friends….I don’t know…..her friends….Aida, Nuyi, Cher, Fa, Zureen, Erina, Ani, Latape, Jack, Izwan, Nili, Leen, Shukri, and the list goes on and on and on…..this people accepted me into their life with open arms as if I have always been there…. I am here alone but so far I have never felt like I am…I am not the kind of guy who enters a room and just light it up with my charm and I must admit my social skills needs lots of improvement but so far they made my life here bearable and I know that I can always depend on them…..i have not felt out of place when I am around them(except maybe my slang still a bit too Sarawakian) and I hope one day I can repay all of them for being so kind to me…..that I promise……

Hmmm….so you see….my life is perfect…my life is not a failure cos I am blessed with all the people I mentioned…I know they are a lot more but…..please be assured…I may not write or say any thing about you in here….but what you mean to me is written in my heart…..I will never forget anyone that I met along the way so far in my life cos each and everyone one have given me something…. I may not like what I do, I may not have the car of my dreams but I have all this people around me, and I can’t ask for more…..

Your life is perfect if you make it perfect….your life is empty if you make it empty……think of what u have in your life and not what u don’t have…..

Surat Putus Cinta

Tijah ingin memutuskan perhubungan dengan boyfriend MAT SALLEH nya....Dia taksanggup bertemu muka, Lalu dia pun mengutus surat...surat tu macam ni bunyinya....hehehehe:Hi, my motive write this letter is to give know you something. I WANT TOCUT CONNECTION US. I have think about this very cook. I know i clap one handonly. Correctly, i have see you and she together at town with my eyes self. you always request apology back back. I don! 't trust you again!!! My Friend speak you play three wood. New i know you correct correct playthree wood. so, i break off to pull my body from this love triangle.I know this result i pick is very correct, because you love she very high from me. so, i break off to go far from here. But i always love where also i live....Safe live......

Friday, November 25, 2005

Somebody Save Me

I don’t like doing this job. Calling people and demanding them to pay up their dues. It is so stressful…to call up and say…”You have outstanding fees needed to be settled. Bla..bla…bla…” and then get shouted at for something other freaking stupid baboon kind of people mistake…….no fun at all…..

I guess everyone feels like they are surrounded by freaking idiot but in my case, I am working with freaking idiot. A guy who wears a shirt that is too small for him (I don’t think he bought anything new for maybe 5 years), a guy who looks like he is sleeping almost every time (he looks like Garfield…I kid u not)….arghhh….I can go on and on……please please please…….I hate this job…I hate this freaking place…I hate the working environment here……..

Got any vacant post out there for me???? Just give me a holla……cos I just don’t know how long I can survive here…….

Football Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“It’s Saturday night; we should go out and watch a movie or something? Why do you want to stay home and just see this 22 stupid men chasing for that one ball. Don’t they have 2 balls of their own to take care of?”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it.? Well I had my fair share of trying to explain why 22 men wearing shorts are chasing that one ball and try as hard as they can to put it inside that square thing they call a goal post. And then the hassle of explaining what defenders do, what midfielders do(in addition I have to explain the difference of a defensive and an attacking midfielders), the offside rules, difference between a direct and indirect free kick and why they have to hug each other when they score a goal…..”it is such a gay thing to do……and they are sweating….eeuuwww…”…hmmm….. don’t ask me who this girl is. I would be happy to explain why United have to wear a blue jersey when the official jersey for United is red and all the rules and the name of that cute young man using no 18…….after the game…NOT during the game when your team is a goal down.

Then comes the part where she is complaining that we don’t love her as much as football. We don’t even have time to actually explain why we are so into this game call football all around the world …well they call it soccer in America(those weird Yankees)….hmmm…..”I can explain to you after the game ok baby…..No No…..u just don’t want to let me in…u just don’t want me to understand”…..Oh my God… me….where did that come from.

When we do try to explain it maybe during a car ride back from work or to a movie….”cam mane u nak expect me to faham now….I can’t visualize and it is too confusing lah….can we talk about how you feel about me for a change”……hmmmm…..that’s it….I give up…

But why do men are so passionate about this game? Why do men (90% of male population in Malaysia maybe. got that figure after adding then subratcting then dividing them with the male friends around me so close enuff) would be willing to stay up all night sampai kerja the next day muka cam bantal (especially during demam World Cup…next year…wohoo…go England), have arguments and fights (those were foolish young days..Hmmm) or even cried (I didn’t….no I didn’t) for this game call football…….

Simple….believe it or not…each and every men….old, young, fat, thin, bald, rock kapak hair….dream of being one of those 22 stupid men...cheered by thousands and thousands of screaming fans….making that save from that certain goal from Raul, heading that ball over Drogba to deny him the chance to score, tackling Stevie G for the supremacy in the middle of the field, crossing that pin point cross to Ronaldo to head in the ball and yes…the ultimate….scoring that winning goal to give your team the world cup or the FA cup or any cup……those 22 players are actually fulfilling our dreams….we are cheering for them cos we wanted to be cheered like them…we want to be them….but not everyone of us are blessed with the talent and also the opportunity to be the next Rooney, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho

I always wanted to be a footballer….a damn good one but sports are not always a good choice for a career here in Malaysia especially football. I played football for my school…and back then we don’t even get a proper jersey….it’s a t-shirt basically but I was beaming with pride when it was given to me. No 8 during my primary school….wanted to be that German player…Karl Heinz Rumenigee (not sure abt the spelling of that last name….anyone who knows...???)…and at that time…I don’t even own a football boots (borrowed from my cousin)….but hey….I was playing for the school…hahahahaha….secondary school….competition to be in the school team was harder….and also the pressure of doing well in school….and how my mom doesn’t like a boy wearing spectacle to play contact sports….but despite all that, I played for the school team…well..more like warming the bench for almost 2 years and just realize…. I am not good enough…hard to swallow…hard to accept but that’s reality….so I quit the team and played rugby instead…hahahahaha…but my love for football….does not end there.

Just ask any guy friends you have, why do they have to pick a certain number when they play? What does that number on the back of their jersey represents? For me, it is no 16 because it’s Roy Keane no. Always wanted to be as good as him but so far it is just a no on the back of my jersey, haven’t helped me much on my playing skills…hahahaha..but its Keane’s no 16…my hero (ok ok…everyone by now knows how I idolize this man). The striker always wanted that no 9 or 10 because it has always been associated with great strikers like Pele, Maradonna, Lineker, Owen, etc....and the reason that we pick this number because when we are wearing no 7 no 16 or no 99 ke….we wanted to be the shadow of the great players who wore this numbers…..

Like I said, not everyone dianugerahkan talent, peluang or support they needed to make football as a career. People like me, can play but not good enough, can tackle the ball but lack conviction, can hit the ball but not hard enough, can defend but selalu hilang concentration….so we end up as fans, supporters…fanatic or moderate, your choice but for me, those 22 stupid men are actually realizing my dream and maybe a few other guys out there. When I am watching the game, I feel like I am one of them, I feel like I am part of the team, in my case, part of that United squad. When they are loosing, I want to be the one who dribble 5 players and score or the one that heads the ball into the net instead of Ronaldo (if he just heads that all properly, we could won that Villarreal game)….screaming and crying with them when we won the European Cup in 1999…I feel the disappointment, I feel their frustration, I feel their happiness, I feel their aggression…cos I am part of the team…I am one of them…..

Gilakah….they don’t even know you? Yeah…they don’t know me but each of the players represent me and what I wanted to be. Dreaming and wishing I am them…and they know that each of them represent us, the fans and supporters….and yeah, they don’t share the millions they earn but to me, cukuplah if they go on the field and play…realizing a dream that most of us men who love football in this world, doing something you love and getting paid for it….

So the next time, if any guy or gal who wants to understand why your partner, hubby, fiancĂ©, boyfriend, son or anyone in fact who cried for their team when they lost, who screams their head off when their team scored……just ask them who is their favourite player, pretend that player is your partner, hubby, fiancĂ©, boyfriend, son or anyone you love…….u will then and there understand why we should stay at home watching the game on Saturday nite…………………………………………………

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Shocked. Disbelief. Sad. Confused. I was trembling. I just can’t believe what I have heard in the news. Is it true or I am just hearing things. It can’t be true. It just can’t. Keano no more???!!!! Keano quit United???!!! It just can’t be true.

It was no shock when United sold Stamp to Lazio. It was no shock when David “Golden Balls” Beckham was sold to Real Madrid. But Keano quitting United 12 games into the season and United european challenge this season still on the wire, it just can’t be happening. It is a catastrophe.

I am not ashamed to admit that I cried. I shed a tear, just a bit, because the thought of Keano is no more a Red Devil is too much. Even when he was hinting that he might not be a United player next season is hard to accept but losing him now, suddenly, was something all United fans in the world have not expected. Our talisman is no more. 12 years of service just suddenly ended. What happen? Mutual consent?? Nobody is gonna believe that he left because it was mutual consent. Nobody. I certainly did not believe it.

Whatever happens behind the curtains of the Theatre of Dreams that leads to Keano leaving with “mutual consent”, no one knows. Rumours of a row between Keano and Assistant Coach Queiroz is one of them. There was also the infamous interview he gave on MUTV. But nobody actually knows what happen that made him leave. Oh, how I wish I know. Such a great player and a loyal servant for United have now gone forever.

12 wonderful years has this man given to United. He has won almost everything when he was with United except for that elusive European Cup that he did not play in. he have been United Captain for almost 8 years when he took over from Cantona. He played like a true professional when he was on the field. Every football players acknowledge this Cork man talent and commitment to the cause of the team, even Vierra, yes even Vierra. The never say die attitude and his natural leadership on the field have always push United through games that United look likely to loose. I just can’t describe what have this man given to team. Simply said, when he plays, no one notice but when he is not in the team, the whole team looks disoriented and lost. He was United heart and soul but now he is gone. Will it ever be replace?

Who can take the void Keano have left? Players come and go, trying to be the successor and to fill the boots of the Irish hard man. Djemba-Djemba, Kleberson and Miller came and taunted as the new Keane but they failed miserably. All of them have left even before Keano did. Djemba-Djemba is with Aston Villa now but he is not even making grade in that team. Kleberson left and now plying his trade in Turkey and Miller is on loan at Leeds. In Keano absent through injury before he left United suddenly, Smith is the next candidate for the post and to be fair to him, he is trying but will he ever be in the same class as Keano was, personally, I don’t think so but for the sake of the team, I hope he succeed.

Keano have left and as of today, the United camp has not named the successor to the arm band. For the past 5 games, Ruud have taken the responsibility as the captain but I would dare say that Gary Neville would probably take the nod from Fergie. And of all the players in the team right now, he has the most experience and also fairly good leadership skills to lead post Keano era. I just hope he can continue the great United Captain tradition. I hope he can carry the team just like past Captain have.

Time of reflection for United fans. Hard it is to admit, but our Captain Keane is gone. Where he goes, where he plays, no one knows now but any team who he choose to sign with will definitely acquire a player who will play with his heart and who will give everything he have on the field. He may be 34 years old now, but Keane still have maybe 3-4 years in him. The youngsters in the team should take the opportunity to be playing with him and learn what this great player has to offer.

For me, he will always be Mr. United to me. He is just not merely my favourite player but he is also my idol. His attitude, commitment, It is because of him I always insisted on wearing the no 16 in hope that I can immaculate the great man on the field. So far, I fail miserably…hahahaha but just wearing that number makes me feel a bit more confident of my own ability as a player. I grew up idolizing him and now as an adult, I still idolize him. It is really hard now to even see a true professional. Keane is. He plays because he loves the game. He plays with his heart and he plays because of his pride. When he is on the field, he will sweat blood for the team. He gives 110% every single time he puts on the red or a green jersey on his back. He wants the team to succeed even if everyone in the stadium hates him. He criticizes players who are slacking. And when he has something to say, he says it even if he gets into trouble because of it. His determination to succeed has always there since he was a little kid. Deemed to be too small to be a professional player, he rose up to be one of the most celebrated hard man and midfield force in the world. From club level with Cobh Ramblers to Nottingham Forest and to Manchester United and also on the international level with Ireland, he proved to everyone that if you believe and if you work hard, you will succeed. He proved it and because of that he is where he is right now.

Player come and go in any team but how the team rebuild itself and cope with the lost of great players will show the real character of a team. United have said goodbye to a lot of great players before such as Cantona, Bruce, Robson, Smeichel, Edwards, Charlton, Best, Kidd and lots and lots more and now Keano is the latest to join them. We have always bounced back from the lost of these players and with the current crop of players we are still having a lot of future great players in our ranks. Rooney would of course be on top of the list to be the next talisman for the team, Ronaldo is also on his way to legend status at United and of course, Ruud the man is still there banging all the goals for us. With or without Keane, United will march on and still is one of the best team in England and also in Europe. I think in a few months time, I will eventually accept the fact that such a glorious player like him is gone. A new hero will rise up. All we can do is wait and see who is the player who is gonna take the mantle from the great man.

How will United cope with the post Keane era? We have to wait and see till the end of the season. If we succeed, the people would be saying that United is more than just a one man team but if we some how fail to live up to all the expectation that have always been connected to any great team, they would say that United just cannot handle the lost of a leader in the team. The team depended too much on Keane to lead them. So for now, millions of united supporter and well, anti united camp are waiting for what could be the most controversial season so far under Fergie’s reign. A season that started with the take over from the Glazer family, protest and boycott from supporters, criticism of the 4-5-1 style of play and now Keano sudden exit and oh….the latest one, Vodafone, the jersey sponsor for United have cut short of their 4 years deal to only 2 years. The mobile phone service company cut short the contract because they have sign a new agreement with UEFA to be one of the major sponsors for the Champions League next season. Meaning starting next season, a new name will be on the front of United jersey. They have only been 2 jersey sponsors since 1982, Sharp and Vodafone. The season has a long way to go, so we just have to wait and see what will it bring for the Red Devils……and as a United supporter, I hope it is gonna be good things from now on.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


For any Manchester United fan, it has been such a demanding week. Trust me, in a week United was trounced by Boro 4-1, than the controvesial interview with Captain Keano on MUTV which was not even televised, a shock defeat in the Champions League by Little Lille and, just to make it such a memorable week, a 1-0 win over reigning champion, Chelski..oooppss.....Chelsea i mean. The loyalty of all United fan was really challenge during that week. Would the "glory chaser" fans finally just jump the wagon and say how they have been supporting Chelski all their life or the real Manchurians stand united and be counted.
I have been supporting United for almost 15 years now, and i must admit, never had my loyalty to United been tested as hard as this few weeks. But as fan also, i must admit the performance the team was giving the past weeks are not something we as United fan can be proud of. The two games that we lost. i have to stand up and agree that we deserve to loose and we deserve the result we got. It was as if the gaffer have actually field the pitch with the United U-17 players instead of the senior squad. I have never watch United play as bad as that since the 6-3 lost to Southampton (it is because of the grey jersey i tell you, i still believe that).
The team i saw on the field that day look as if they were lost. As if they were ask to go to the pitch without any directions, coaching or a football brain but the most important thing i think we lost in that two games were the passion of winning like the United past teams. When i saw the two games, i was almost in tears because i was thinking that the United i know is no more. The players were not even trying to play. Balls given away, head were down and United only way to goal was long balls where we were once so proud of our passing games.
During that week, i received lots of "congratulation" or i dare say condolonces -from sms, phone calls, e-mails- after that two games. Asking me to change my red blood for a blue one, advising me not to live in past success and history, United is great no more, even giving me a 2 goal advantage for the game between United and Chelsea on the weekend.............................MANCHESTER UNITED 1 CHELSKI 0.............................. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA
United great no more? United are Dead? United is no challenge for Chelski? We beat them....suddenly no sms? no phone calls? no e-mails? no congratulations?? Weird.....hmmmm
Got that one out of the system. Now i can write...hehehe. As i was saying, united performance during the weekend before the international friendly was nothing to shout about. Two losses against two teams, sorry for both set of fans, which were not rated highly is a major blow to a club as massive as United. A 4-1 drubbing and a 1-0 lost to a relatively unknown French club are something to worry about. Have United actually lost their supremacy, the fear factor we once own? And the lost came before one of the biggest game yet, against Chelski( they are not Chelsea to me, sorry) is not good for the players or even the fans confidence.
In the two games we lost, fans of United were actually trying to search and think...what happen with our beloved Red Devils? Losing is bad enough but losing without fighting, without playing and without a decent shot at goal is embrassing.
In the Boro match, we actually lost the match after Mendieta scored that amazing goal. Truly a magical goal but someone should have closed him down before he even had any view or chance to shoot. Sorry Park, you were at fault. The 2nd goal, Rio was busy looking for his extra 20,000 pound (rumour heard of him earning 120,000/week) and just let Hasselbaink score. The penalty, well, Richardson just happen to like the jersey, he can't wait for the end of the game. The 4th....i was trying to find a way for me to go to The Carrington to get a trial with United. 4-1 was the final result. It was usually always the other way around...hmmmm
The Lille was all a blur to me except for the goal and also Ruud ball hitting the upright....other moment was a blur because i was busy wiping tears from my eyes..........well amost.
How did i felt during the few days leading to United game against the yet to be beaten Chelski? I have not done that for years and years, admiting to a Liverpool fan(u know who u r) that we might lost the game. Me, a guy who would go into a fight when United lost or draw, admiting we might loose to a Liverpool u know in what state of mind i was in. The papers were not helping..."BYE BYE FERGIE"..."IS IT THE END?"....United was in the news for the loses, for Captain Keano comments, unharmony in the changing rooms.....never never this happen before....
What a game it turn out to be. A match of 2 half....1st half-United, 2nd half-Chelski. United that i knew, that i supported, came back. The passion, the heart, Manchester United..........we are back.We defeated Chelski. Each and everyone on the field that day, wearing red or blue, showed to the world why football is the world's greatest game. All the good - Skills, Passion, Heart- and the bad-bad tackles, cheats, anger- all were showcase for the world to see (well, i think the world was watching). The neutral would have enjoyed the match, United fans in seven heaven and Chelski fans crying their eye red.
Fletcher scored the goal (said to be one of the players cristised by Keano). A lucky goal maybe but that goal was the goal that reminded everyone what United are made of. That goal gave United fans something to cheer their lungs out. Smith was wonderful, wearing his heart on the sleeves, Edwin is still the major buy of the season for United. His amazing blank point save from Lampard won United the match too. Rooney, he worked his socked off and well, Rio have actually put aside his bags of money aside to actually do what he is suppose to do, stop people from scoring.

That match have silenced all the critics. That match reminded people that Manchester United has not died and are not gonna let people walk over us just like Liverpool let others since the 90's. In fact, Chelski winning the league last season and show of supremacy in the English game help United. How? We have actually get rid of all the glory chasers when they join the Chelski bandwagon. Now, true United fans will stand by the team and push our team ahead.
This weekend, Charlton is next. Can United continue or just did what they did last year, end Arsenal winning streak to 49 and lost to Portsmouth the next week. Well, we just have to see and wait what happen. No matter what, win, lost or draw, you can read my reaction next week.