Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Je manque ma famille

I miss my family...

I miss my dad.
I miss how he kept repeating the same old story for the 10th time and how I acted as if it was the 1st time I'm hearing it so I will not hurt his feelings.
I miss his cooking and how excited he is about a new recipe that he learned and just can't wait for us to try it.
I miss seeing how much he loves my mom.

I miss my mom.
I miss listening to her trying to convince me that she is fine and I should not worry about her.
I miss her saying goodnight to me before she goes to bed and reminding me to lock the gates and the doors before I go to sleep.
I miss her laksa....the best in the whole of Malaysia for me.
I miss having my mom making sure I am ok...every single day.

I miss my grandma.
I miss repeating my story to her for at least 3 times cos she just refuses to wear those hearing aids.
I miss going to the market with her and trust me, her bargaining skill is second to none.
I miss just sleeping beside her.

I miss my sister....Hanim.
I miss watching all those Korean and Japanese dramas with her...and making sure ASTRO is always at channel 303.
I miss seeing her going insane in a book shop....20 books bought in 1 visit.
I miss how generous she is...no questions asked when you needed help.

I miss my brother....Razi.
I miss the silence we shared when we sit together.
I miss that very hairy and zebra interior car he have and driving it makes me think of Africa.
I miss watching him becoming a good husband and father.

I miss my lil brother....Iwan.
I miss borrowing his PSP...hehehehehe
I miss seeing him become the genius IT expert in the house....he just know what to do or crack or download to make your IT world a pleasant one.
I miss him sharing his stories.

I miss my lil sista...Yaya.
I miss making her life a living hell with my pranks and jokes.
I miss seeing her being the evil and very angry auntie when the nephews turned from cute nephews into lil monsters.
I miss having someone to share my crazy and sometimes weird jokes.

I miss Arwah Kak Sima.
I miss her laughter when I teased her
I miss seeing her around the house and forgot to just sit down and take a break.
We miss her and how we thank Allah SWT for bringing her into our family.

I miss my family...
Only Allah SWT knows how much I miss them.
I don't get to see them every day and to think that I might not get a chance to see them....scares me.
I have a wonderful wife whom I love and I am thankful for that but she understands the need to have your own family around you sometimes. My family is not perfect but no one else can replace them.

I miss my family....I love my family.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Going Retro Are We?

So, the new home kit for the 2010-11 season was unveiled today. And as most of us will agree, well me personally thinks, looks a bit....hmmmm. With the 70's and early 80's as the sumber inspirasi, the retro look is back.

Don't get me wrong. I like the retro look. It's always good to remember the history and look good and cool at the same time. But this one...I just don't know. Those white coloured collars...this is a football kit, not a polo shirt. And if you really nak jugak the collars, same colour boleh? Why have to stand out like a sore thumb?

Some more shots of the new kit...and seriously, what's with the V motive at the back of the jersey? Kalau dah letak nama and numbers, would it be just a waste of time having it in the 1st place? I don't know lah....

Some might say, takpe lah...the away kit might look better. Well, if the leaked photo below is true, just choose which one you rather waste your money on. A simple white kit with another V motive in black and white, this time on the sleeves. Another retro look...and no, not the retro look I would want to bring back. Nike really screw us..."It looks cheap" said the missus. Luckily we only have to wear this for 1 season, right?

Walaupun kit ni tak lawa, it is still the kit of Manchester United...my team. I will still wear it with pride walau di mana pun...cehhh. I'm sure we are gonna win trophies with this kit and considering what Everton have to wear in their away games, our kit looks like an Armani suit. You can call it "Lightning Pink" to make is sounds cool and macho...dude, it's still freaking womanly pink!!!

I know only 2 Spurs fan...my bro in-law and a futsal buddy. But for anyone else who support Spurs (sorry guys...seriously, I'm sorry for your team choice..hehehehe), the new kit will be unveiled tomorrow but below is the leak photo. Not bad...no more ugly fluorescent yellow lines.This one pun looks like is going for the retro look too...but good retro.

Can't wait for the season to start cos damn it....I miss live footie!!!

p/s : The pictures are not the property of this blog...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Campeón España!!!!!!!!!!

Argentina's Olé said: "If Holland had won it would have been a scandal. As Spain won, football was the winner."

I can't agree more with that statement. The Oranje walked into the pitch with 1 thing on their orange head...stop Spain from playing their style of football, any way they can. They kicked, pushed, play acting and De Jong even took the opportunity to show his Karate Kid impersonation. For almost 116th minute it worked...until Andrés Iniesta, one half of the best midfield duo in the world scored the most important goal in his life and also Spain's football. Spain finally joined the elite...a World Cup winner.

Spain captured admirations around the world witht their football but come on....we got to give a hand (Well, I don't think he needs one..you get it?) to Paul the Octopuss. 8 out of 8 correct predictions. Hope the people in Germany can let him live till Euro 2012...a lot of betting people will be hoping he will. Long live Sir Paul!!! He really did write the future in the end....

Friday, July 09, 2010

The Heat is on....

So, the NBA gonna feel the Heat from the new big 3... King James, D-Wade and C Bosh.

Was really hoping that James pick Chicago for his next move. With Boozer, Rose and Noah already in the roster, James would have been..maybe the perfect final puzzle to make Chicago great again...well, I guess we gotta move on. Who then should Chicago get? Think we just have to wait and see and trust the organization and Coach Thibodeau.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Victoria Para España!!!

2 days...well, i guess almost a month with little sleep is making me a bit wuzzy...wizzy...wazza. 1 more game...1 more game...that's all.

All I need now to complete this journey is for Spain to win the whole thing...bring back the World Cup. And all the sleepless night will not be a waste.
Or in Spanish :
Todo tengo que completar ahora este viaje es para España para ganar todo el asunto ... devuelven la Copa Mundial. Y toda la noche insomne no será una basura.
Or in Dutch :
Alles wat ik nu nodig om deze reis te voltooien is voor Spanje om het hele ding ... terug te winnen van het wereldkampioenschap voetbal te brengen. En al de slapeloze nacht zal niet een afvalstof

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So What?

So what? Married 3 years with no kid is wrong is it? Cannot is it? Federal crime is it?

So what if my swimmers are not strong? Kau sibuk apasal? Nak tolong train my swimmers is it? Kena pegi Olimpik side swimming pool ke?

So what if I feel jealous with couples who can make babies like rabbits? Cannot be happy and feel sad at the same time is it? I'm not right in the head if I feel like that ke?

So what if its only the two of us? We cannot be happy is it? We cannot enjoy each other company? Would that be so wrong?

At least I am gonna spend my life with someone I know I love with all my heart....so screw you!!!