Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So What?

So what? Married 3 years with no kid is wrong is it? Cannot is it? Federal crime is it?

So what if my swimmers are not strong? Kau sibuk apasal? Nak tolong train my swimmers is it? Kena pegi Olimpik side swimming pool ke?

So what if I feel jealous with couples who can make babies like rabbits? Cannot be happy and feel sad at the same time is it? I'm not right in the head if I feel like that ke?

So what if its only the two of us? We cannot be happy is it? We cannot enjoy each other company? Would that be so wrong?

At least I am gonna spend my life with someone I know I love with all my heart....so screw you!!!


bad.clad.in.black said...

well said dude, some people shd just mind their own biz...

mom-of-5 said...

typical mindset mmg mcm tu. ada anak salah.. tadak anak salah.. anak rapat2 pon salah.. semua tak kena.. so.. just dont bother bro.. enjoy your every moments with love ones.. cheers..