Monday, May 28, 2007

Anyone wants to tell their machine anything?

You scored 58 Idealism, 33 Nonconformity, 45 Nerdiness

Can we play Scrabble tonight?

Congratulations, you're Micah Sanders!

You're good-natured, intelligent, perceptive, and naturally inclined toward technology. You're also quite innocent and loving. You've got a fondness for computers and Scrabble.

Your best quality: You're extremely perceptive

Your worst quality: You can be a little demanding at times

Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 76% on Idealism

You scored higher than 16% on Nonconformity

You scored higher than 43% on Nerdiness

Hmmm....I'm almost half a nerd?? Well at least I got special ability...right MohinDesparil???

Headache......Help Me!!!!!

My head....I feel like drilling it and finding out what is wrong in there. I had been having headaches for the past 3 days. I don't feel like eating cos if I eat pun it will end up in the toilet bowl anyway. Tried Actifast..nope...didn't work. Sleep...not working too. 100 Plus...Nope..still no signs of it recovering. Putting ice kat belakang just made my neck numb. Ohhhh...anyone knows any other petua to help me?? day of headache is a torture already but 3 days in a row. Argghhh......

Monday, May 21, 2007

Playing in My CD At The Moment

Yups...a new album from this modern day crooner. The songs from the cd:

1. The Best is Yet to Come
2. It Had Better Be Tonight
3. Me and Mrs. Jones
4. I'm Your Man
5. Comin' Home, Baby
6. Lost
7. Call Me Irresponsible
8. Wonderful Tonight
9. Everything
10. I've Got The World On A String
11. Always on My Mind
12. That's Life
13. Dream

Good can't go wrong with the classics right but Buble seems to know how to inject new and refreshing ideas to the arrangement of the songs. For those who listened to buble before, another one for your CD collection and for those who never heard of him...well, just might even lke it.

Recommended Track:
3. Me & Mrs. Jones - Great vocals on this track by Buble
5. Comin' Home, baby - Boyz II Men are featured on this track. Catchy and makes you wanna dance
8. Wonderful Tonight - Another version of this ever popular love song but this one, guranteed before bed action song.
9. Everything - A new song and been playing quite a lot on MTV
11. That's Life - I just love this song...even the original one...just one of those great songs ever.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sumo-lah...... A Must See Movie!!!!!

Enough with the spider movie already. Get your families, friends, colleagues, the stressed up guy in the car beside you in the jam, the gal who is sweating her pretty bum in the Pilate class infront of you..whoever....get them to see this movie. I laugh so hard i left my arse in Cineplex 3 GSC 1U after the movie......

I promise you, worth the RM10/-.If you can bear with Jangan Pandang Belakang, you definately gonna emjoy this. The best to come from Afdlin so far. So if we want more brilliant products from him....go see this movie.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Selfish?? Really??

Hmmm...United are selfish is it? Coming to Asia to play and giving a chance for fans who might never get a chance to see their beloved team play in a flesh rather than from a coloured box is selfish? Giving fans from young to old to meet and see their heroes with their own eyes is selfish? Rather than enjoying their holidays in their million pound houses to come all the way to Asia to play a Malaysian team who can't even qualify for any major competition in the past 20 years is selfish?

Just makes me wonder...why are AFC so afraid that A SINGLE match in KL...2 days after the last game of the so important ASIAN Cup to be played in the city will divert the attention of football fans around the Asean region AFC actually think they are promoting a much inferior product than the Manchester United tour? Are they looking down at their own product? What a way to say Asian football is on the way up right? You don't even believe your product can compete against a club team?

Well..maybe Hammam is a Chelski fan...who knows. He does have a lot of good things to say about Chealski...

In another slap to the Red Devils, the AFC supremo pointed to their arch-rivals Chelsea as a team that was putting back into Asia.

"We have a very good example from Chelsea who have signed an agreement to develop football at the grassroots in Asia, That is a good example," he said.

In March, Chelsea signed a deal with the AFC to provide financial and technical support to mainly grassroots football clubs across China until 2010.

I am a United fan and my excitement of finally watching them live are now fading away. I am one of those fans who might never get the chance to go all the way to Old Trafford and United coming t town is the 2nd best thing for us. Well,guess we have Asian Cup to look forward too..........NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Champions Again!!!!!!

Saying Goodbye is hard to do....the outgoing Champion

The goal that claimed our title back...the Main Man Ronny

The save from Our Giant Dutchman..our new Van the Man

The English Premier League Champions 2006/07 Squad

And ohhhh.... Keano's Sunderland is the English Championship League Champion....way to go Keano...1st job...1st title..."There is only one Keano!!"

Let's Just Say It With Pix........

The Treble Destroyer

The rain falls hide the tears

That Sinking feeling

On a good note....Keano is back in the Premiership next season!!!!!

And to think he took over the Black Cats when they had lost their 5 opening games of the season to maybe champion of the Championship.....