Saturday, December 23, 2006

Been Awhile

Some may think I stop blogging. Some may think that the Red Planet had vanished from the blogging universe. Some may think that the view from the red eye had been closed.'s not. Just that, the Red One had been busy with a lot of things..with life, with work, with things I expect will happen and things I didn't expect to happen... futhermore..I promise to myself I will only blog again if United loose...which they did last weekend.I'm back so hopefully it's not gonna be another 3 months before another update from the Red One.

So how's things with you guys/gals? Anyone miss me...or not? Had anyone actually been checking my blog and felt dissapointed cos no updates for the past few months...which I doubt..hahaha. Did anyone life change within this few months? Did it change the way u life your life? Did it give ur life a new meaning.. a new light?

Well..something did change in my life...something I never thought would happen. Something I never thought I would go through...but it happen and I couldn't ask for a better partner, even if I try to. I can't wait for it to be finalise. How happy would that make the Red One feel? United winning the treble for another 2 seasons...and Des, you should know how good that is rite dude?